antique roses

skirt: thrifted (vintage Liz Claiborne) // tank: Old Navy // shoes: American Eagle // belt: thrifted from Mama
 After working from my bed home all Monday morning, I had a sudden wind of energy to put on a skirt and feel pretty. I put on a full face of make up and a new pretty skirt I've been dying to take out for a spin. Sometimes, boyfriend jeans and the same t-shirt feel good, but other times, a pretty skirt is just what you need to feel better.

After taking these photos, I realized that I definitely want to cut this skirt to just under my knees. Holy unflattering, Batman! Even so, I love the print and feeling feminine really put me in a good mood.

I now want to draw your attention to my ponytail. Alyssa over at Sincerely, Truly Scrumptious wore it the other day and I just about fell over. Then she did a tutorial that brought me back to life and I've worn my hair like this almost every day since. 

Lastly, this hair clip is the first item I ever won in a blog giveaway. Unfortunately, I'm a terrible, horrible blogger and can't remember who I won it from (like a year ago) or what Etsy shop made it. My b. 

Do y'all have any tips for cutting this skirt? I am an awful cutter (cutting in straight lines has never been my forté) and I really don't want to mess this skirt up. 


  1. what i love this skirt.
    seriously its perfect.
    dont cut it.
    ok you can cut it.
    i think it just looks good on you no matter what.


  2. Pretty clothes alwayssss make me feel better, so I see why this skirt made you cause it is sooo pretty!! I agree that it would look better a little shorter though. And that boho braid goes perfect with this outfit. I think I'll be trying it out too!
    On cutting the skirt... Have someone put a pin where you want to cut it (if you bend over and do it yourself it won't be the right length), then measure all the way around the skirt so it's the same length and put pins, then girl get you some hem tape and iron it on!! No sewing required ;)

    <3 danielle

    ps. happy to see your smiling face back on here :)

  3. Glad you are back from your mini break! Hope all is well and I love the skirt! You're going to cut it? We have to get together girl!

  4. I love the length of this skirt!! I'd say don't cut it, BUT if you really wanted to, use a rotary cutter! It makes cutting straight lines super easy. I adore the boho feel of this outfit

  5. Those bobby pins are SO cute! love the hair too, love Alyssas hair tutorials <3

    fox + gypsy


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