may wishlist

I feel like May, being my birthday month (the 21st!), was the time to go wishlist crazy. Instead, I went with 5 pieces I've been consistently lusting after all year. The perfect polka dot dress (to replace mine that has gotten too short and has a wonky zipper), the perfect cross body bag, the perfect pair of "heels," the perfect hair accessory, and the perfect running shoe.


  1. Love love love those running shoes and hair clips

  2. Those hair clips are so cute. They are definitely going on my wishlist as well!

  3. girl, love this whole list.
    those clips so cute.
    and the cross body bag, need it.


  4. I'm smitten with the polka dot dress - it reminds me of Kristina's (kristina in retroworter) :) I have shied away from polka dots for a long time, but I'm starting to love them so much more! I'm going to have to remember when your birthday is to send you happy wishes!!! :)


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