movin' out

I've sort of hinted to this (and actually given it away in the comments section of a few of your blogs), but I'm moving! No, not domains; apartments! I've lived in little ole D204 for the last three years and I'm finally ready to move out.

Living alone has been one of the single most incredible experiences of my life. I was able to explore myself emotionally and psychologically during times when I most needed to be in tune with what I was feeling. Having the space to be 100% myself and never feel guilty about what was literally my lifestyle has been such a blessing and I know I've been fortunate. I learned to let go of my first love, adopted Contessa, came home from first dates, had raging birthday parties, danced with no pants, made french toast for the first time all in this little studio apartment. I've had strep and food poisoning and had to take care of myself. I've fallen and literally not been able to get back up. I've had lonely conversations with my cat. But I've also built a desk and organized my bookshelf by color. I've taken outfit photos and played dress up for hours. I've watched movies with best friends and with Dago and laughed and cried and been so happy.

But it's time I move on. And move in. With Dago! I'm so ridiculously excited to move in with Dago. I've inadvertently lived with a boyfriend before and it was a really toxic experience, but this is going to be such a positive thing for us. For almost the entirety of our relationship, we've only gotten to spend quality time together on the weekends, during which one of us has always worked. Moving in together means we can still do our own thing (him: soccer, me: socializing) and see each other at night and before starting the next day. We're both incredibly independent and living together isn't going to change that.

So right now my poor apartment is covered in boxes to be filled with my things. Obviously leaving D204 is bittersweet, but I'm so excited about moving forward.

Do you have any tips for packing? Or for unpacking? For those of you who live with your significant other, what advice to you have for us?


  1. YAY! How exciting- congrats! I've moved 5 times in the last 2 years and my biggest tip is to label all your boxes with what is inside and box similar items together (don't put clothes and kitchen stuff in the same box is what I mean)
    hmm... and for living with a significant other... make sure you still take time for yourself and understand that he will still need time to do whatever he likes, but it sounds like you already have that down with his soccer and your socializing. Have fun and enjoy the experience!

  2. yayyyyyy! This is so exciting! This is my 4th apartment since graduating (whyyy kill me!) but I've becoming pretty good at moving because of it haha. Be ORGANIZED while packing. You don't have to get too specific but make sure all of your desk stuff is together, your clothes, your toiletries, your kitchen stuff etc and label things well. This makes life easy when you can't unpack everything in 24 hours.
    My favorite first things to do? clean the bathroom and kitchen and make up a bed right away so you can use them whenever you need. I usually unpack my most important rooms first (kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom for me), everything else comes with time.

    As for living with a partner- communication is the biggest piece. Dean and I definitely had some growing pains when we first moved in. Don't make assumptions about spending time together- schedule it. This sounds funny when you're living together, but a good chunk of my home time I like to spend alone working on my blog or getting homework done and it's important for Dean and I to be on the same page about that kind of stuff.

    Sorry for the novel- I'm just excited!

  3. girl i'm working on the whole packing thing right now.
    i'd never say no to a trash bag full of stuff.
    if you get great packing advice please let me know! haha


  4. Exciting! Yay!

    I'm a pretty haphazard packer when moving, but I will say make sure whatever you use daily/often is clearly labeled and easy to be unpacked first thing (i.e. don't bury it under 20 other boxes).

  5. A couple of things I would recommend while packing: label each box for what room it belongs to (bedroom, kitchen, etc) and number them (so kitchen 1, kitchen 2, etc). Have a little list for yourself in your phone or on your computer that tells you how many boxes you should have for each room. You could go as far as to put in that note what's in those boxes as well, but that's a bit more time consuming. This helps SO much making sure that you don't lose or misplace any boxes and then you're going crazy wondering what happened to x, y, or z. I also make a note on the box of the important stuff that's in there (cutlery, dish drainer, coffee maker), especially the stuff you're going to need to find quickly. It's also not a bad idea to have one or two boxes that are designed to be unpacked immediately so that you have the basic things you need to live in one place. Make sure to clearly mark boxes containing fragile items as fragile (I put it on sides and top). Check out Craiglist and Freecycle for free boxes, newspaper, bubble wrap, etc. before you buy anything!

    As for cohabitation: the biggest thing for me is figuring out money and having a clear and honest conversation about it; establish a plan. This is such a easy thing to argue about and feels so stupid when it comes in the way of a good relationship. Figure out how you'll pay the rent (Andy and I can only turn in one check to our leasing office, so he writes me a check for his half, I deposit it, and then write a check for our full rent amount), how you'll split other bills like utilities if applicable, and especially figure out groceries. Are you each going to be buying your own groceries? Are you going to shop together and split the bill? Long story short, Andy and I do a lot of cooking together so we shop together and split the cost of shared groceries like stuff made for dinner and we each pay for things we buy for ourselves, like cottage cheese for him and dark chocolate for me. The other money-related issue we're pretty careful about is stuff we make a decision to buy together. We have chosen to keep our stuff separate, so we decide who's going to pay for what based on who really wants it (like plants and pots for me) and who's responsible for it (he does lawn care, so he bought the lawnmower). This way, if we were to break up, we wouldn't argue about who takes what for very many thing at all. This is a pretty big difference between being married and living together and being two individuals living together (at least for us).

  6. You all gave Nicole good advice. Thank you Jennifer S. Very,very good advice Nicole. I wish I had that kind of advice when I was your age.

  7. ahh my bf loves soccer too! too perfect. good luck with the move babe! & send me your new address asap!!

  8. Yay! Your apartment looks really cute, but I'm glad that you're moving forward :) I can't wait until I can get a place of my own to decorate and walk around sans pants.



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