so last summer

chambray + shorts: American Eagle // sandals: Steve Madden (similar)

 Summer 2013 is basically here already in Austin. With all the expenses of the move, I've decided to hold off on buying any summer clothes for a while. Luckily, last summer's trends are still hot (get it!?), so I can get away with rocking what I've already got in my closet.

I wore this outfit at least once a week last summer. I had just bought this chambray and wanted to wear it all the time, but couldn't with my regular blue denim shorts. In comes perfectly neon green shorts! I love the length of them and they're really soft too. Plus, they match the bright lemon shade on the soles of my sandals! I'll probably be throwing this on quite a bit for summer again, especially because it makes a great swimsuit cover up.

I've decided it might be fun to try a self-tanning lotion or wipes for my nearly-translucent legs this summer. For some reason, no matter how much I lay out, their color never changes. Anybody got a great self-tanning product? I've never even touched one before, so not something very dark or difficult to use please!

PS. I'm guest posting over on my lovely Kristina's blog while she's on her romantic honeymoon getaway! See my picks for a new swim suit for summer 2013!


  1. girl i feel ya. i am pastey.
    love your shorts.
    and loved your post about swimsuits!


  2. This is so cute. The color of those shorts= my favorite summer color... well that plus orange.

    This is where I would list out some kind of self-tanning advice or products... but I suck at them. I just end up streaky every time.

  3. Loving your fun summer outfit! Great colored shorts and cute sandals :)

    Trendy Teal

  4. I wore this almost exact outfit yesterday! But I wore white shorts, I like your bright ones better though! And how about you stop having the prettiest hair? I just thought of this, but is that blonde your natural color? If so, you are the luckiest girl blonde everrrrr.
    As for tanning lotions, my sister uses banana boat. She said she recommends rubbing it in till its dry and please for Dago and everyone around you do not put it under your arm pits! I don't use self tanning stuff normally because if you'll look at my archives from last summer, I change races with a little bit of sun!

  5. I found this post to be extremely helpful when it came to bottled tanning: I bought the Sun labs (which is a little pricey, but goes a long way). It's pretty easy to apply. You might get blotchy in places, especially when you first try it, like if you miss part of back of your arm that you didn't realize existed or whatever, but it's absolutely not streaky. I did put it on my face the first time and it caused me to break out though, so I won't do that again. I've also used Jergen's natural glow and liked it. Exfoliate thoroughly before applying any tanning lotion! I would not recommend going with a regular store brand unless it's build-able (too often they come out orange). Sometimes spray tans are also very affordable and they're done by a professional and if you can hold off on showering for a day or two they should last a good while. That's all I've got!

  6. Summer clothes never really change all that much, I feel! Shorts will always be shorts. My legs are always pasty white, too. I don't even try to lay out in the sun, so I've mostly accepted my color. However, one product I really like is the Jergen's natural glow lotion--it's not like most fake tans where you put it on and you're tan--you have to put in on daily and gradually you'll start darkening up. I feel like there's less room for user error when the tan occurs gradually rather than all at once!


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