so long, may

Dear month of May,

You were a weird month. You were equal parts paralyzingly difficult and overwhelmingly awesome. I turned a year older, I moved in with my boyfriend, I reached out for help, I started a new medicine, I took a break, I worked too hard. As T.Swift put it so eloquently, I was happy, free, confused, and lonely scared at the same time. I realized how amazing my support system is and how powerful writing, especially a blog, can really be.

While most months seem to end just as soon as they're getting started, I'm having no problem waving goodbye and leaving you behind.

xo nic


  1. Haha, love the T.Swift reference....hope June goes much better for ya, chica!

  2. I love this picture, I must go here.
    And excited for a new month.
    also thoughts on arrested development?


    1. thanks misses!

      **AD SPOILERZ*
      i loved it. i get a lot of people's different reasons for not liking it or feeling so-so, but i truly enjoyed every moment. it was easily the most clever thing i've ever watched. i didn't love the cliff-hanger at all, but i guess we'll wait another 3+ years to find out how that works out. or not. either way, i'm really satisfied with the season.
      my favorites were tobais' first episode, maeby's episode, and anything with ann because i love mae whitman. i have thoughts about the script making michael less-lovable this season, but i'm not sure exactly what they are yet. i think all the cast members really shined in this season, even if we didn't get the whole family dynamic we all loved in past seasons. this was like an experiment in partner acting, rather than ensemble work.

      why didn't you love it?

  3. May was a big month for you and I both! Good luck in all of your endeavors - I've always been fond of may - I feel like it always brings good things.

  4. A definite so long to May! What a crazy month! Hello June and the beginning of Summer!!
    xo TJ

  5. Hey you -- long time no talk! Sorry I fell off the face of the earth for a bit. Glad to hear that you are moving forward, ready for whatever happens next. (And, looking adorable too, though no one is surprised at that one). Yay for summer!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion


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