things from the long weekend

i'll keep this short since i still have all the unpacking to do and i'm still readjusting to life.

+ arrested development was definitely worth the wait (especially episode 5!)
+ dago and i have exactly the right amount of furniture for our new apartment
+ we also named our wifi network "is this wifi organic?"
+ best coast live was like the best thing ever. they played all of my faves!
+ i can't wait to go to free press summer fest next weekend
+ and for dago's birthday the following week!

more photos of my new place to come. and some outfit photos outside of it!

how was your weekend? and your memorial day (that i totally forgot about until it was happening...)!


  1. Oooo new place!? Where at? I just saw this post on Tumblr where someone named their wifi "hide yo kids hide yo wifi" Hahahah!

    Nestled in Nostalgia

  2. girl you so cute. love that little cat.
    and arrested development, i really liked episode 5, but im still kind of disappointed with the season.


  3. Ahh I love the cat & b/g prints!


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