dress: Gap Outlet (2011) // blazer: Forever 21 // pearls: Nordy Rack // flats: Steve Madden
 I feel like a lot of women are on a constant search for the perfect striped dress. It's a great weekend piece, but also transitions into the perfect staple for a lunch meeting. When I found this dress, I knew I would get a lot of wear out of it, and I have! But I've fallen into a rut.

I style this dress with cream accessories every time I wear it. And then I look really, really washed out. Not the intended look.

So I turned to blue. You know, the complementary color to orange? Yeah, that one.

While I do really love this particular shade of blue with my dress, I don't think this is a winning outfit. The fabrics are so different that the blazer felt like an unnecessary layer (especially in 104* Texas...). It's hard to tell in these pictures, but the dress is a really heavy cotton and the blazer is really light and prefers to hang open. Meh. You'll be seeing this dress again as I try to remix it with pieces I already own. 

So what do you think? Does this work better than I thought? How would you style the dress?

PS. Check out my Summer Survival Kit guest post over on my girl Jenn's blog With Luck while she's away in El Salvador!
PPS. Sorry for the weird photos. My Camera+ app has been, well, crapp lately. Back to the inherent iPhone camera!


  1. I think you look adorable! I love the amount of color!


  2. I think the outfit works really well! I love that shade of blue.


  3. Such a cute dress :) I think the colors of the pieces work very well together, but yeah it would be uncomfortable in 104 degree weather!

  4. I just realized I wrote a comment for this post yesterday on my phone but it didn't show up for some reason! I love this dress. Generally, I find Gap dresses to be way overpriced and not as good of a quality as I would like, but I have a couple that I have thrifted or bought on super sale that I love completely. My tendency would be to wear with cream accessories as well. I like the bright pop of blue, but the fabric weight difference would drive me crazy too. Maybe you're over-thinking the outfit? Maybe you should just go jacketless and wear some fun earrings and wedges? I think the other thing I personally would try with the dress if you felt like you wanted/needed a jacket (for a more professional look, for example) would be to go monochrome the other way and wear a red jacket (not matching the stripe color). I'm really bad about making things too matchy matchy, so that's an urge that I'm constantly fighting against (but mostly succumbing to).

  5. you look so good! love the color combo!
    xo Jessica

  6. I love these colors together! And this dress is definitely one of those perfect striped dresses! It's also one of those wear anywhere dresses. You can dress it up, down, or a little business casual like you did!

    <3 danielle

  7. This is a fabulous outfit! I absolutely adore the orange stripes with the cobalt blazer together :) Lovely! xo

  8. I love these colors together! I hope you find another blue piece that makes you feel better when you wear it with this awesome dress.
    Thanks again for the post!


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