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Having a bad hair day is the quickest way to kill my confidence. I've been having a bad hair month. Trying to grow my bangs out is getting ridiculous in a whole new way. I want my bangs to be the same length as my hair so badly. While I wait for them to grow, I'm stuck wearing the same hairstyle pretty much every day. I don't like my bare forehead, so I pull what's left of my bangs over to the side and pin it. Because they aren't long enough yet, the part that covers my forehead is either pulled too tight or has pieces falling out of the pins. Grow, hair, grow!

I'm hoping that once my bangs finish growing, I can get a cute cut that adds volume back into the roots of my hair. The bottom of my hair is so thick that it's hard to keep styled and the top of my hair has no shape. Having to tease it every day just isn't in my schedule, so I need a cut that gives me a little oomf without a lot of work.

Do any of you know anything about hair or haircuts? Any tips on not ripping my bangs out of my head or chopping it all off? Any solutions to flat hair?


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you posted this. I was JUST thinking about chopping all my hair off because, ugggh, summer... right? I don't have too many tips for you, but I find that when I get bored with my hair, just pinning half of it back all of a sudden makes me less angsty over it. Might be worth a shot!

  2. nooo then you have to wait FOREVER. Step away from the scissors!

  3. I am no hair expert, but I have a couple of suggestions/things to consider: 1) do you get trims regularly (every 2-3 months) or do them yourself? If not, that may be what's causing your hair to be heavier on the bottom. Your hair could just naturally be like that, or you could have a bunch of dead weight down there. 2) Have you tried dry shampoo? I know it's super trendy, but since I've started only washing my hair every other day and using dry shampoo, my hair has been more manageable and dry shampoo really helps bring volume to the top of your hair. 3) The right layering will help with hair volume, but layering also thins your hair, so you want to get a good stylist to do it right. Once you have a cut you like in place, you can go somewhere cheaper to maintain because the road map is already there. And finally 4)Have you tried no poo style of hair washing? I haven't personally tried it so I can't recommend it, but it's basically getting away from washing your hair a lot. One method I've read about is washing with baking soda which is really cheap and is supposed to help a lot with volume. Something to look into maybe? As far as growing out bangs, I'm no help (except maybe try curling them?), I have never been very successful at it, but maybe some of these other ideas will help!

  4. I'm trying to grow my bangs out too and it's so frustrating! I used to wear my hair different every day of the week, but with these stuck in the middle bangs all I can do is twist them back... it's pretty much how I wear my hair every single day. You can maybe try that?

  5. Here is something to read, compliments of the one and only Lauren Conrad. I'm right now trying to decide if I want to keep my hair at its current, slightly-homeless-always-shaggy boob length, or to go for broke and grow it Real Long. I've had it really long before, but the split ends and the amount of shampoo/conditioner I went through was ridiculous. I do, though, know more about hair than I did back then. Oh, I don't know.

    One thing I've tried to avoid the heavy ends for my hair is a LOT of layers, and it works pretty well. I cut my own hair, so I can control exactly how much weight I have in my hair and where, and I try to keep the ends as wispy as I can so there is no one "line" of where my hair ends. I think the back of it looks basically like an inverted triangle. I don't know if that's what you want, and (I think) your hair is a lot finer than mine, so it might not work. But more layers will definitely remove a lot of the weight from your hair without getting rid of much length (I almost never cut length off my hair, just add more layers). I have no idea if this even makes sense, but whatever. Don't give up! It'll take a while, but you can do some cute things with bangs--braids and twists and things like that. Also, there's no time like the summer to get the hair off your face! It'll keep you cooler! ;)

  6. bangs are sooo tricky! best of luck finding a look that you love :)

  7. I usually cut my hair every winter and watch it grow out into summer. Its always a nightmare to wait for the grow out period!

    As odd as it seems, I've noticed that constant trims do help my hair stay healthy. It is just difficult to maintain.

    Hang in there! I know growing out fringe is always not a fun process!



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