meeting new people

dress: Delia*s (similar) // blazer: Forever 21 // sandals: Steve Madden
 This week has been a whirlwind of networking. Since deciding to go full-force with Here Comes the Brand in June, I've been trying to make an appearance with everyone in the wedding industry in Austin. So far, that means three networking events in one week. Whew! I'm gonna need some more business cards!

Anyway, this is what I wore for event 2/3 (I wore this for 1/3 and I'll share 3/3 later!). I didn't actually mean to, but I match my branding colors! When I first started going on client meetings, I had the idea to incorporate my colors into my outfits. But this was entirely by accident. What can I say, I'm a branding pro.

I may have skipped out a little early to catch the Pretty Little Liars season premier. Can you blame me? Did you watch it?! Let's discuss!


  1. I love love loveeee these colors together! I need to work on pairing complimentary colors because I've noticed that I always wear one color with wither black and white or a neutral. Borrrrring. I have a top the color of that dress so I'll have to find something blue to wear with it!
    And how fun that you get to attend all these wedding events! That seems like such a fun job :)

    <3 danielle

  2. You look super cute as always. I love love love the color of that dress!

  3. Jealous that you get to attend all these wedding events! How fun! And I'm always a fan of wearing the colors of a certain brand (especially your own!!!) when working events like that. Heck, I even tend to wear the colors of companies I go to interviews for. I like to look like I already belong at places lol


  4. oh gosh, watched pll, lets discuss.


  5. Ummm, that dress? YES. I love it.


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