the taste of summer

dress: Gap (similar) // cardigan: Banana Republic Outlet (similar) // flats: Old Navy (similar) // necklace: swapped
I was so excited to put this outfit on in the morning that I could hardly sleep the night before. Is that normal? I thought of it when I saw Shannon of GBO Fashion wearing this outfit last week. I love an outfit that uses colorblocking around a solid staple piece. To switch things up from hers, I went with my favorite little white dress and a yellow sweater.

I seriously felt like a walking swirl margarita or a bowl or pico de gallo in this outfit--in the best way possible! To celebrate my outfit success, I had Kerbey queso (for you non-Austinites, this is the best queso in Austin Texas the world) and a margarita. Celebrating pretty outfits is a normal thing, too, right?

Side note: I've decided that taking outfit photos at my apartment will be my tool for meeting all my new neighbors. As people walked by, minding their own business or maybe glancing up, I waved and ran over to introduce myself and explain why I'm taking pictures of myself. Two birds, one handshake?


  1. I am in need of all of the things in this outfit. Seriously! I have been dying for some new bright flats but haven't found any that fit right and are at the right price point, my favorite little white dress finally shrunk too much last summer, and for some reason I have yet to buy a yellow cardigan. Adding these things to my fashion shopping list in my phone right now!

  2. such a cute dress! the perfect fit!

    i love that you're proud and tell your neighbors what you're doing, i try to quickly take pics and run inside! i'm pretty sure the neighbors on either side of our house think i'm a little crazy ;)

  3. Of course it's okay to celebrate great outfits! Who doesn't?!
    Love how you're meeting your neighbors - that would be funny!


  4. Cute colors, the red shoes pop and bring the outfit together!

  5. I am jumping up and down inside for you over this outfit. It's PERFECT. Girly, flattering, perfect colors, and summery. Love love lovey love.

  6. This outfit is screaming nicole. Like SCREAMINGGGG. It's all you and you can tell by your confidence in these photos! I find it really hard to have confidence when I feel like someone might see me taking my pictures, but not you! Help me!! haha

    <3 danielle

  7. Look at you! Introducing yourself to passersby? I'm totally not that brave. Love you for it :)

  8. Hi Nicole, I am Ada.

    I actually found your blog in April or so and I even clicked the Follow button. Though I don't visit often due to a baby I read and see most of your Outfits. I am loving this one today. What a Delightful little white dress. You look great.

    Hope you stop by & support me by following as well.

  9. I meant to tell you this when I saw this outfit on Instagram--you look so adorable in this outfit! I feel like pico de gallo is an excellent form of inspiration. And tasty. Om nom.


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