Dago and I have been dating officially for two years today! 

From a healthy relationship advocate standpoint, this is by far the healthiest relationship I've ever been in or could image ever being in. We actually communicate openly, we trust each other immensely, we both support each others' wildest dreams and cheer each other on just to get through the week. 

From a happiness standpoint, I've never been in a better place in my life. I have a partner who thinks of the little things, who makes me laugh til my belly hurts, who enjoys life so much and wants me to be there as much as possible.

My favorite part of our relationship is how much we're able to do our own thing and still come together and be incredibly close and strong. I think a lot of couples struggle with time apart, with separate friends groups or activities, and with sharing the other aspects of their life with their partner. Dago has soccer where I have blogging. He's emotionally invested and loves to kick the ball around. In fact, I've never seen him happier than when he's out on the field. I love that I can go out with my friends all day and, when I come home, he's just coming home from spending the day with his friends. In past relationships, one of us was always sitting home waiting for the other. With Dago, we're both incredibly social and thrive on deepening our relationships with others, as well as with each other.

We both share a love for writing, for helping others, for punny jokes, for shopping, and for family. Dago is the smartest person I have ever known. We have this running joke where I accidentally treat him like Siri and ask random questions during car rides when he's trying to rock out. For instance, he was teasing that I asked things like "How do fish sleep?" and I immediately followed it up with "But do they dream when they sleep? Do they have nightmares? Oh, I wonder if they daydream. Do they daydream?" And Dago had an answer for everything. At dinner the other night I asked him all of these questions about germs and he just had the answers stored in his head. I don't think there's anything he doesn't know. (And if there is, he'll look it up before I can even finish the question and then he'll store the answer in his head forever and ever.)

Living together has been so much fun. At the end of day, after spending time doing our own things, we come home and talk about everything that happened and make plans for the next day and encourage success in each other. I know I can bring any dilemma to him and he'll help me work it out without taking the control to decide away from me. He doesn't ever get disappointed if I don't choose what he would have chosen because he knows we're different people. 

I've never felt so equal, yet so in awe of a person before. Everything he does is so cool and smart and funny, but I'm allowed to be cool and smart and funny too.

I can't wait to keep adding years to our anniversary, pumpkin. I love you!


  1. This guy sounds awesome. ;) I'm so lucky to have you! Love you!!!

  2. sooo sweet. congrats, Nicole!!! i'm so happy for you and so glad you have a guy that's so awesome :) you guys are also adorable together. so yeah, that too.

    <3 Jenna Brianne

  3. Congrats! Strong relationships are so refreshing :) Keep it up!
    Samantha Cloud

  4. Congrats, Nicole & Dago! This all makes me so happy to hear, and I'm so glad y'all are doing well, both together and individually!

  5. Congratulations, you two.....based on what you have written, Nicole, this is a strong, healthy relationship. I imagine it will continue for years!

  6. "I know I can bring any dilemma to him and he'll help me work it out without taking the control to decide away from me. He doesn't ever get disappointed if I don't choose what he would have chosen because he knows we're different people." -- I really love the way you phrased this! Something I need to remind myself of in my relationship! Congratulations!

  7. you guys are so cute. i love it.
    im so glad he makes you so happy.
    what a positive and health relationship.
    you deserve it sweet girl.


  8. Oh my gosh, you guys are adorable! It's really, really nice when you finally find yourself in a healthy relationship. There's nothing better!

    Congrats on the two years and I wish you many more happy anniversaries! :)

  9. so sweet! I love the reference to siri :)

  10. Can't wait to get to know Dago when I eventually make it to Texas! He seems like an awesome guy :) Plus he's brown and I'm brown so we're like family.

  11. Cute, cute, cute. I'm so happy for you - your relationship sounds wonderful, and it sounds like you have a great balance between serious and fun. Congratulations on two years!!!


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