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tank: Old Navy (similar) // jeans: Gap Outlet // sandals: American Eagle (similar) // flower crown: DIY
 It's Friday! If you're reading this, then you, like me, survived 4th of July festivities!

I decided to keep things really simple this year. I worked all day at the helpline and then Dago and I headed to my parents' house for bbq and red, white, and blue cake. I've always loved hanging out with my parents and spending time at home, but especially now that they have a puppy! I am so happy that Dago gets along so well with my parents and my brother (and the pup, of course). He and my dad have the same punny sense of humor and he and my brother are both Internet nerds. While they're all sharing man-giggles, I can catch up with my mom, who recently got the cutest pixie cut. My parents are so much cooler than me, I swear.

When it came to getting dressed for the holiday, I knew that I wanted to be comfortable, first and foremost. Especially on holidays where I have to work, which is usually, I don't want to wear anything that's too fussy. I decided what I was going to wear last minute, but I'm really happy with the subtle red, white, and blue of the outfit. I considered lots of stars & stripes, pencil skirts, and fancy shoes, but I felt so free and pleased in this outfit all day, from waking up too early to go to work until walking the dog around the block with my dad as the sun started going down.

How did you spend your 4th? What did you end up wearing?


  1. I love your comfy outfit. You and your flowers are always so cute, You also should know that I was obsessed when your cake popped up on my instagram feed! How did it come out so awesome!?

    PS-I want to hang out with this puppy! As does Allegra.

  2. So.adorable! So simple, yet perfect. :)

  3. Sometimes it's the simple things! You should totally get a dog of your own, it's been the catalyst to my treatment, after I got Evie I was able to go off one of my meds and life has been much happier and less tense. Research emotional support animals, it will change your life!

  4. Stop ittttt. You're just too cute in your little flower crown! I think if I saw someone on the street wearing one I think I'd probably think they look ridiculous, but you just pull it off!! And I love the simplicity of this outfit too. Glad you had a great 4th :)

  5. Your parents sound so great! I'm totally loving those flowers.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful holiday, Nicole! Those jeans are perfect on you!! We were pretty low-key as well - we went to Kevin's family's house and went swimming, enjoyed a barbecue, played badminton, and played board games with his parents and all his brothers. It was so perfect!!!


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