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With the Texas Style Council Conference coming up at the end of the summer, I know a lot of out-of-towners will be heading into my lovely little city. As with any trip to an exciting new place, the big questions are always about where to eat. This is especially true in Austin because all of our food is so darn good. For the next however long I decide several weeks, I'll be highlighting my favorite spots in Austin, from the perspective of a born-and-raised (-and-never-left) Austinite.

This really awesome list of 100 Things You Need to Eat This Summer in Austin came out last week. As it was being passed around my social networks, I read again and again how people would love to go to these places, but could never afford to walk into the restaurant, much less order the most expensive entree/cocktail/dessert on the menu as the list recommends.

My aim with these lists is to highlight some hidden gems of the city that are affordable and delicious. These are the places I go and the places I recommend to my friends. I've lived here my whole life and have eaten my way through the parts of the city I can afford. These are my favorites and I hope they help you find a new go-to or try something yummy when you come to town.

First on the list is breakfast tacos. I can't fathom living somewhere without breakfast tacos, but apparently most of the world does. Breakfast tacos are my number one favorite food and these are my favorite places to get them.

Torchy's Tacos | Torchy's is one of those Austin chains that blew up in the last couple of years. It used to be that you had to go to The Drag (a popular strip of road by the UT campus) or an actual airstream trailer for one of their delicious tacos, but now you can get one (or three) in almost any part of town. Torchy's has a very Austin feel to it, with a menu full of an assortment of tacos with weird items inside and weirder names (see: the Trashy Trailer Park or the Dirty Sanchez). Since we're here to talk about specifically tacos of the breakfast variety, may I bring your attention to the Ranch Hand, which includes "tender strips of grilled beef fajita with scrambled egg and shredded cheese, served with diablo hot sauce on a flour tortilla." Or, combining two of my favorite foods, the Migas taco: "scrambled eggs, crisp corn tortilla strips, green chilies, avocado, pico de gallo, and shredded cheese served on your choice of tortilla." If you're feeling really bold, you can even order something off of Torchy's secret menu. Bonus: Maine Root soda on tap!
Austin Java | A lot of people probably don't think of Austin Java as being a hot spot for breakfast tacos, but those people are misguided. If you're looking for something a little more hip and exciting in your taco and you want to build-it-yourself, Austin Java is the place for you. I could rave for days about their turkey sausage and I love that I can order goat cheese, gouda, or feta on my taco. If you're a veggie, you'll love that you can get anything from asparagus to veggie chorizo in your tortilla. I'm here at least once a week because I can switch things up and know everything will taste amazing, without breaking the bank. Bonus: Austin Java has full breakfast, lunch/dinner, adult beverage, and coffee drink menus all day, every day.

Have you ever had a breakfast taco? Where's your favorite taco in Austin?

Update: There was previously a 3rd restaurant on this list, but it has since closed. RIP Tamale House.

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  1. You're doing the world a great service by alerting them to the goodness that is tex mex breakfast tacos. Try the chorizo! But Bacon egg and cheese with salsa is my fave!

  2. Love Torchys!!

    Favorite is TacoDeliiii. Yummmm

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  4. Being able to go out at about any time of day and get breakfast tacos is one of the biggest things I miss about Austin/Texas. I think the two places I most frequently got tacos was Habanero (a personal Mexican food favorite down on Oltorf) and Bill Miller's BBQ of all places (surprisingly, their tacos are really good!).

  5. I've lived here all my life. I'm an avid lover of breakfast tacos, yet i've never been to torchy's. *shame* I feel like when it comes to experiencing all that Austin has to offer i'm totally behind. I do however get tacos from Maudies every time I'm at the airport. Tacos from maudies have become my favorite part of traveling, well, almost.

  6. Yay Torchy's! It's one of my favorite places, and yes their breakfast tacos are delicious. I never knew they had a secret menu either!! Thanks for sharing. :)

    I also like the breakfast tacos at Cafe Java.

  7. Breakfast tacos sound pretty darn good. Why hasn't that caught on up north? We like tacos, too!

  8. thank you for solidifying my decision to visit Austin within the next year. I originally wanted to go for SXSW but now my only mission is to find these breakfast tacos and devour them. How has no one up north thought of this?!



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