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It's hot outside, y'all. What is there to do when it's this hot in Austin? Go back to bed. Drink margaritas! My family's liquor of choice is definitely tequila and margaritas make an appearance every time I go to hang out with my parents. While my mom prefers hers on the rocks, I'm a frozen margarita girl for life.

Pretty much every restaurant in Austin serves some form of Tex-Mex, so anywhere that serves alcohol also serves margaritas. Not all of them are worth leaving the house for, no matter how great the happy hour special is, but these are my picks for favorite margaritas in town.
Polvo's | My number one favorite margarita in town is at Polvo's. I'm obsessed with their peach margaritas and crave them all week long sometimes, but Polvo's has a zillion flavors to choose from like mango, canteloupe, and coconut, plus your regular or classic strawberry. The thing about Polvo's is that the margs come in pretty small glasses, but they get you drunk. I can have exactly one. If I have a second, I pretty much can't move for the rest of the night and have to take advantage of their yummy salsa bar until I can safely drive. You're probably thinking "ew, if it's that small and gets you that drunk, it must be pretty strong!" but you'd be wrong. I'm not into tasting the alcohol in my adult beverages, and Polvo's sugary frozen deliciousness caters to that perfectly. Plus, you can order breakfast tacos all day, which you know is super important to me.
Red's Porch | When I took a much-needed break from protesting earlier this month, I knew what I really needed was a Red's margarita. I wasn't even seated for five minutes and I inhaled the rather large swirl margarita sitting in front of me. I then proceeded to eat two and a half plates of nachos and Snapchat a picture of my "intoxicated teeth" to all my contacts. That's how you know it's working! Red's also provides one of the greatest views in town with it's open-air second story, and you can always count on a sunset with your happy hour.
Chuy's | Chuy's is a staple of the Austin community. They hold a Kids Giving to Kids Parade every year before Christmas that my dad took me and my brother to when we were growing up. It was a huge part of my childhood, partially because I went year after year, and partly because it taught me about supporting those less fortunate and especially about engaging in my community. If that weren't enough, they have delicious margaritas. When I tell you that they come from a margarita machine, you're going to be all what?? but they are really good! Chuy's is known for its jalapeƱo ranch dip, which is best paired with a couple of strawberry margaritas. For non-Austinites, Chuy's has locations all over the darn place now so you can get your own margaritas!

Where do you go for a great margarita?

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  1. I had a fabulous blackberry mint margarita at Maudie's last week!

  2. LOVE margaritas from Chuy's! Happy Hour has basically become the new hangout spot for my parents and I. Seriously want to try Polvo's though!


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