When children are learning to write, they start with a small sentence,
and then gradually add in more words until it tells a story.

The dog ran.
The spotted dog ran.
The spotted dog swiftly ran.
The spotted dog swiftly ran home.

I've had the thought, on and off, for years, that someday, I might write a book.
The thought has come back to me recently, with more fire behind it than any time before.

I know it will be a book.
I know it will be a book of essays.
I know it will be a book of essays about my life.
I know it will be a book of funny, thoughtful essays about my life.

But I don't know what the story is yet.

At twenty-three, I feel it's about time to start realizing more concrete pieces of the story
so that my someday-book can come to fruition.


  1. Very cool. I've been sitting with the idea of writing a book for awhile now too, and little by little have been working on it. Just making this post makes it more concrete in your brain and you'll notice that from here the idea, the writings, the design and eventually the book, really will come to fruition.


  2. Girl, I'd buy your book in a heartbeat... AND I DONT EVEN READ. Just sayin'..


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