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I know a lot of you are probably wondering "Wow, doesn't she have less hair than she did before?" Why yes, yes I do!

After this post, I knew I needed a change. My hair had been trimmed a couple of times over the last three years, but not cut or shaped in any way. The length was making my hair really flat and thin feeling and I was just over it.

So I took to Facebook and Pinterest. I polled my Facebook friends about their favorite salons in Austin to get a better idea of where I might go for the big chop. I've gone to Ulta for my haircuts for most of my adult life, but never felt like I was really getting a cut or style for me, rather something basic they did on everyone's hair regardless of hair qualities. The salon with the most votes is a cute little shop near my apartment called Frenchy's Beauty Parlor. I fell in love with the personality of the salon and especially the price, which was exactly what I intended to spend for a good cut. I researched the stylists and decided I'd be comfortable with any of them playing with my hair, but hoped Melanie or Becca would be available.

I got a paycheck and a bad hair day on the same Friday afternoon, so I made an appointment (with Melanie!) and headed over after work. I had spent the previous week pinning pictures of Julia, Mara, and Olivia Palermo as hairspiration. I sat down in Melanie's chair and started flipping through my Pinterest page on my phone with her, explaining that I wanted a slightly angled lob. She knew exactly what I meant and went to work.

I had so much fun talking to Melanie and I felt like we clicked really well. She told me about how she started doing hair from a very young age and her spur-of-the-moment decision to move to Austin. I loved her determination to find a salon in town that felt right, rather than just renting a chair anywhere. If I didn't already love Melanie and Frenchy's, I did after that. Y'all know I'm all about doing things that feel right and passing on opportunities that don't. We exchanged advice on dating and exercise, and I felt like I made a new friend.

We decided on a length together, but as she was finishing up, I realized that I probably should have gone shorter. I decided to let her dry it so I could see what it really looked like. I knew that I wanted it shorter still, but didn't want to hold her chair any longer or make her go back and cut it all again. What is the proper etiquette when your stylist is done but you aren't?

So I went home and tried to love my new hair. It was definitely an improvement from before, but it still wasn't working quite the way I expected it to. After a week, I sent Frenchy's an email asking if there was anything they could do. Again, I don't know anything about salon etiquette and thought I was a lost cause. The receptionist called me and set up an appointment and I headed back to the shop a few days later. I was so nervous and embarrassed and thought everyone was going to hate me. I was so scared that Melanie was going to be mad at me.

But she wasn't! And, she was genuinely happy to see me. She took into account that I'm a little nit-picky paired with not having very good perception of inches, so she checked in with me throughout the cut to make sure I was still loving it. We ended up taking about another 2.5 inches off and I love it. I couldn't be happier and I've been so excited to come home and blog about it. I love how all my clothes look with it, I'm having fun learning new ways to style it, and I'm using less than half the conditioner I was before! 

If you live in Austin and are looking for a place to get your hair cut, colored, styled, etc., I highly recommend visiting Frenchy's Beauty Parlor and letting Melanie play with your hair!

**I was not compensated in any way for this post and all opinions are my own.


  1. I love the body this cut gives your hair, plus it's going to be so much faster growing your bangs out now! Also, that is the cutest little red top. In my experience, if you go to a salon worth its grain they will keep going until you're satisfied, and usually if you're not satisfied with the cut you can schedule another appointment and get it fixed for free. My hair does weird things when it dries, so my stylist actually stops about halfway and dries it, then finishes cutting. If you're ever not sure about the length, ask for them to dry it and then they can finish trimming. It shrinks up a bit as it dries, so you don't want to end up accidentally going too short!

  2. It looks so cute! I'm glad you decided to send them an email. It's always best to let them know ASAP so that they can give you a cut they are proud of and you are happy about. Salons are still a place of service, even though hair is more fun and artsy than the typical "service" jobs we think of. They want you to leave the chair happy and feeling good! (plus, nobody wants to pay for a haircut twice when they knew what they wanted the first time.) My hairdresser is great with this kind of stuff too and that's one of the reasons I've stuck with him for the past 5 or so years. It's totally worth a couple extra bucks each time!

  3. I love the shorter hair! It's so cute! You can feel totally comfortable speaking up while you're still there, but try to do it as soon as you start feeling concerned. If you're not comfortable doing that, giving them a call or sending an email is a good way to go, so you got it under control, lady!'

    Ladyface Blog

  4. your hair so stinkin cute.
    girl i've been trying to find a good stylist here, but haven't yet.
    i just love your hair though cute girl.


  5. Is it weird for me to comment on your blog?? I think your hair is super cute and looks extra smooth with this cut! :)

  6. love the short hair on you! though i will admit i was jealous of your long locks for awhile because my hair isn't growing as fast as it normally does lol


  7. Super cute! And I have definitely called a salon back the next day and asked to come back to clean something up. Sometimes it works in their chair, but not at home! Glad you spoke up cause you look FAB!

  8. I loooooves it, Nicole. Seriously, you look fantastic! I'm pretty awkward too when it comes to salon etiquette (or etiquette in general, I don't want to be the doodoo that doesn't know how stuff works). I've been thinking long and hard about cutting my hair too, and I think you've given me some courage.. so hopefully I'll be able to go and do it within the next few weeks before school starts up again!

  9. I just adore your shorter hair! It looks so full and soft and healthy, and I'm glad you love it as well! One of the best feelings in the world is a good haircut :)

  10. I love the new cut! It's so light and healthy and pantene commerical-y looking. I recently did the chop myself and went with Olivia Palermo as inspiration, that girl has it down. Looks like a great length on you!


  11. I am in love with this new haircut!


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