midweek thoughts

i know i promised a bunch of exciting posts this week. they're coming, i promise! i just need like 53 naps first. here are the words i'm able to squeeze out of my fingers today:

> being an activist/blogger/social media manager/advocate is a lot of work, y'all.

> i've just about eaten my weight in cookies & cream ice cream already this week.

> ruffled shirts are really confusing to iron.

> unsalted tortilla chips are blasphemous.

> i'm not awesome at remembering to drink water.

> i want to wear flower crowns every single day.

> i could seriously sleep through the rest of this week. is summer hibernation a thing?

> self care is crucial, especially when doing something that's difficult or that requires a lot of energy.

> i am dying for a haircut. i know i just posted the other day about not wanting to cut my hair, but i really just meant that i didn't want to cut my bangs. the next paycheck i get is going to refreshing these old locks! 

> i have absolutely no idea what i'm going to wear for independence day tomorrow.

> i cannot believe it's already independence day tomorrow.


  1. This summer is just going by too quickly! I'm supposed to have the first draft of my novel written by the end up the summer and I'm looking at what I have and going yikes! Remember, you don't have to make a big cut to update your hair, but if you really want to, go for it!

  2. I'm SO with you on not being able to believe that tomorrow is already Independence Day!! AH! Where has this summer gone?! I hope you are able to rest up and feel rejuvenated. The last few weeks have been crazy, especially for an activist like you! I've been thinking about you a lot as I have been following along with the news and wanting to chat with you about it. I don't have many feminist friends around me who get as excited and passionate about these issues as I do, and I'm dying to have some lady talk with someone, haha!

  3. I can relate to a lot of these for example- when did it become July? Also- how do you make yourself drink water 24 hours a day? I'm down with a summer hibernation and is this your tattoo? Tell me more!

  4. Unsalted tortilla chips??? WHAT THE WHAT? haha.
    Patterned Love

  5. I can relate on every one of these from this week except the water because I've become obsessed. Which isn't always a good thing. Happy 4th!


  6. Oh I'm with you on the naps!!! I hope you are having a lovely holiday!


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