summer stripes

dress: Old Navy // flats: Steve Madden
Sometimes, putting on a pretty dress is all you need to feel better. Last week was cray to the nth degree. By Friday, an easy dress was about all I could handle. Luckily, a real pretty one just entered my life.

I've been searching for the perfect striped sundress since I was at least 15. Every time I see a woman in a pretty striped dress, I have to run up and ask where it's from. Usually it's from a super fab boutique in Italy or France, so I'd decided that the dress must be unattainable.

A couple of weeks ago Dago and I went to walk around the mall and stopped into Old Navy. I've been on a spending freeze because I've not even had a dollar that wasn't owed somewhere else or didn't need to be saved for food. I moped around the women's section while Dago tried on some gingham, and then I spotted her. Hanging on a rack in the middle of the store was an online return, in my size. It was the most perfect dress I've ever laid my eyes upon. I snatched it up and took it straight to the register. Since it was an online return and they didn't have a price on it, they only charged me $15 (instead of the actual $32). #worthit

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  1. I love it and it fits you so well! I had a $5 reward from my Old Navy card and it expired on me :( I'm heart broken. But also broke, so it's probably ok.

  2. What luck! This dress is so cute!


  3. ahhhh I love it! I can't believe you snagged such a great dress for that price. What are the odds an online return would fit you like a dream? Love it!
    With Luck Blog

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  4. Nicoleeee this dress is freaking perfection on you. Like Old Navy needs to take down that picture on their website and replace it with yours because you and this dress were just meant. to. be.
    Now... after you wash it, please box it up and mail it to me ;)

    <3 danielle

    ps. $15 was totally worth it! I feel like you'll be wearing this once a week!

  5. Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi! This dress is adorable. YOU are adorable. I miss your face! I promise to not disappear again!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  6. It looks amazing on you! It fits you perfectly and what luck?!? Haven't heard from you in are you?

  7. Gorgeous! I love it! It fits you like a glove :) I love when things like that happen - it's like clothing serendipity!!

  8. this dress is super cute! totally echoing the comment above- it fits you so well!

    thank you so much for linking up! so fun to have you at dare to wear.

    Harley & Jane


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