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one // two // three

one // two // three

one // two // three

I bought my phone case when I was working at Nordstrom last summer. I love it and it's served me well, but it's about time for a pretty new case. The case I really really want is the Dorothy Parker // Kate Spade one. It's the perfect color with one of my favorite quotes from a woman I adore. Growing up, I would have died if someone else had my phone case--I had to be 100% unique 100% of the time--but now I love the "omg don't you love this?" and instant-BFFdom of sharing love for the same things. I'm not saying I won't still freak if someone else is wearing the same dress as me, but I love being able to give someone a knowing look of admiration for their choices because we shopped the same collection. For instance, when I see someone wearing a Jason Wu x Target piece, I make conversation about waking up for the sale, scouring eBay for the magic sizes, and throwing out our dream collabs for the future (Alice + Olivia is at the top of my list).

Sorry, I got a little side-tracked. Phone cases. I want 'em all.


  1. I love the floral ones- especially that last one from rifle paper. I just hate spending money on my phone cases! It sounds silly... but i'd rather put the money somewhere else. work offered to pay for one of those giant otter boxes and I finally agreed. now that silly thing was so expensive i feel like I can't justify taking it off anyway haha

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  2. Hahaha! Loved your little "off topic" tangent there! And I'm craving phone cases and a macbook case as well. I want ALL the cases lol


  3. oh my goodness i need a kitten iphone case.


  4. I have been really wanting a new case foreva but I know I'm upgrading my phone as soon as they roll out the new iphone (would they hurry up already?) so I'm forcing myself to wait until I get a new phone. So hard!

  5. I am obsessed with iphone cases! I have a floral studded one that looks a lot like the one in the middle on the top row. Mine has a few studs on it too, got it on amazon


    Great post!


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