a little effort

tee: Brass Plum // shorts (similar) & sandals (similar): American Eagle // purse: Forever 21 // bandana: thrifted 
This is the kind of outfit you would find me in nearly any day the heat index is over 103, which it has been the past couple of weeks. It finally cooled down a little bit yesterday evening, so I headed out for some outfit photos. I love how the light looks in these pictures! I'm going to make more of an effort to take photos at this time.

Anyway, back to the outfit. I love relying on primary colors to pull a casual look together. These are all really simple, easy pieces that could come off sloppy without a color story. I also love how my new purse gives this outfit a little more polished effect, even though the other pieces are a little slouchy.

What do you wear when the it's too hot to walk from your house to the car, but still need to look put-together?


  1. I love this outfit. You look so cute with that bandana done up as a head scarf! I'm still really loving your shorter hair, too.

    That super hot weather sounds rough. Hang in there!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. Seriously, every time I see a picture of you since your hair cut I'm just like man, I kind of want that. It's so cute and easy looking! You also don't seem to suffer from all of the cowlicks like I do, so that might be part of it. I'm a big fan of simple outfits. Usually I'm not really into shorts because girls with thighs have a hard time finding them, but I've been wearing them this summer with babysitting as "play" clothes basically and kind of loving it. My go-to is definitely the summer dress. Make it short, sleeveless, and watch me just not care.

  3. the bandana in your hair is soooo cute! I've tried that (and other versions of it) before but I can't figure out the botton back of my hair.. the bandana like doesn't stay and picks up my hair and makes it look all weird. It works for you though!!

    <3 danielle

  4. A totally essential texas outfit. You're so adorable! I can't wait until I visit Austin again!

  5. That bandana is too cute! And those shorts are perfect on you!

    You're photos turned out great, it's amaxing how the lighting makes a huge difference.


  6. I always go for a maxi dress...they are perfect for battling our ridiculous weather. I snagged 2 great langford market one's at the prom for only $20 each! <3 You look so happy hope all is well, we should all get some drinks soon!
    Lauren M

  7. I love the bandana. Why don't I wear primary colors often? I love the way everything is simple and obviously not matchy-matchy, but it all perfectly pieces together.

  8. what the freaking heck, you look so adorable.
    i want your long legs, your hair, your glasses, i want to be you.
    as for the heat, hmm being from vegas i know heat...
    i always go for flowy items, so they dont have to touch my skin
    and dresses, think swing dress, perfect


  9. I love the yellow with hints of red! I'm recently loving yellow and need to find more items to add to my wardrobe. I'm sure you think I'm crazy but I'm sort of jealous of your hot weather. It's still barely hitting the 80s here in Long Beach!

    Exploring My Style


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