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Instagram is obvi where it's at these days, but there's so much more to it than the inherent filters and deciding where to focus and where to blur. I love creating an actual piece of art on just my iPhone. It's always in my pocket and these apps make it so easy to take a simple moment and turn it into 

Afterlight // This is my most favorite app for editing photos. I love cropping photos to capture exactly what I envision. The filters help make certain aspects of the image more vivid or desaturated and I like that I can play with the opacity on any filter. Lately, I've been into adding subtle light effects to bring a little personality into the photo that my iPhone can't capture on its own. If I had to recommend only one app for you to have, it would be Afterlight, hands down.

Picfx // This app is one of my favorites for filters. If I want the filter to make the photo feel a certain way--romantic, retro, lush--I can find a filter to do the job. The coolest feature of Picfx, for me anyway, are the light layers you can add to give some sparkle to your moment. 

Image Blender // I learned about Image Blender during the iPhoneography 101 workshop at TxSC led by Carli of Inked Fingers. If you want to be Instagram famous (don't we all!?), Image Blender is a good place to start. I'm still learning this app, so my examples below are super amateur. Basically, you pick two photos, and then you blend them using opacity and masking. I have so much fun thinking of photo combinations and trying new techniques. 

A Beautiful Mess // No favorite photo app list would be complete without blogger favorite A Beautiful Mess. Want to put a cute phrase on a snap of you and your bestie? Or a cool graphic border around that landscape shot you took? The filters are simple and the doodles are special, which can help you bump your image up a notch without a ton of time.

What's your favorite photo app on the market?


  1. I'm so boring. I use the same filters all the time and never really do anything fun. I will check out some of these!

  2. I feel like I want an ipad if only for editing photos. I don't take very many pictures on my iphone (I have a DSLR that I'm trying to learn to use and utilize more), so most of my photo apps go unused. They seem so much easier to use though than the software on my computer. If I had six or seven hundred dollars lying around I could have the best of both worlds!

  3. Thanks for the tips! -Alexandra www.simplyalexandramyfavoritethings.blogspot.com

  4. i only have purchased one app ever, and it is afterlight.
    i love it


  5. I actually have an addiction to photo apps! My top two would have to be Afterlight and VSCO Cam, but i'm definitely gonna check out picfx! Piclab is also pretty cool for adding text

  6. Great post Nicole, thanks for such a succinct rundown! I'm obsessed with your imageblender images but a little intimidated by the words "masking" and "opacity" :)

  7. I did a post a few weeks ago on this very subject, http://wp.me/p3xgiC-8v .there are so many out there and I love them all. I've heard amazing things about afterlight but I have yet to buy it. I do love VSCO cam and so many other. Ugh....the options!!
    These are great suggestions!
    Lauren M.


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