grown up goals: august

I've been feeling like I wasn't allowed to blog this month until I got this post written. And then I put it off and put it off and here I am. I've loved focusing on a new grown up goal every month, I really have. I've been able to get parts of my life in order that I definitely would have avoided otherwise or felt too overwhelmed to accomplish all at once. But as each month flies by, I'm finding myself just getting into the goal before I have to come up with the next one.

Away from the blog, I've thought a lot about how I need to go about revisiting these goals. No one becomes emotionally wealthy in a month, masters budgeting in a month, or perfectly curates their home in a month. The point of setting goals is to get you on track. I feel like I've been more proactive this year than any previous because of my monthly goal setting, but I also wonder what I'll actually have accomplished at the end of twelve months.

I think I wanted to take a minute to publicly say that none of these goals have been packaged up and put away as the month has ended.  When August 1 showed up, I was a more active member in Texas politics, but my civic duty isn't over just because the special session and the month ended.

However, there are some grown up goals that I know I want to work on each month through the end of the year that I will continue to share, just as I have been. The goal I wanted to focus on this month will have to wait until at least September because it's just too darn hot outside. I also have some grown up goal related things I want to share with y'all, but the time isn't right yet and I want to wait to see how things go over the next couple of months before I speak too soon.

For August, I think my goal is to feel inspired. I started off the month with Texas Style Council. After the blogging conference, I felt amazing and empowered. I met all of these incredible women and I fully immersed myself in the experience. I expected to come home and feel super inspired to write tons of blog posts about a whole plethora of things. And then I didn't really. I felt awesome, but not inspired. I wanted to have lists of ideas and content-invention strategies, but I didn't really come away with that. So I'm going to do it now! 

I used to love making collages out of my Teen Vogue magazines and make happy lists and listen to new music. It's been way too long since I really felt connected to a song or did a craft with my hands or looked at colors without any words. During the month of August, I want to make inspiration boards, both physical and online. I want to do a craft; maybe try painting again. I want to make a mix CD or burn a whole album to a disc to listen to in my car. I want to buy magazines and flip through them with my fingers. Even planning my inspirational journey for the month is making my heart do flips, so I know I'm hungry for it.

What are your favorite things to do when you're feeling drained of inspiration?


  1. You are so great with your goals! Mine right now is to make it through this move and get my head on straight! Also, we should have a Skype sesh when I move!

  2. This is a great goal! I know what you mean about losing the connection to music, crafts, etc. Part of the reason I love my blog is because it's a good way to keep me accountable and make sure I'm doing all the things I love on a regular basis. I think enjoying lots of little things is a great way to get inspired. My favorite part of my day is every morning when I walk to work. I turn my headphones all the way up, and listen to my favorite music. When I get to work I feel alive and happy and it really helps me get through every day.

    Good luck with your August goal! I think you'll rock it out!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. girl, this is a great goal, seriously.
    to feel inspired i normally look at photos and go for walks.
    i also have a few friends that just make me feel inspired or make me want to create something.
    ceramics always makes me feel inspired so sometimes i stare at all pieces.


  4. Get it Girl! I'm in the same boat as you! In fact, my post today was about the same topic!
    I used to LOVE going to the library and I finally renewed my library card. I just checked out 3 awesome books about start-ups and founders stories.(cuz that's my jam) I love hearing other people's stories and journeys. Love this goal and hope you will share some of your creations with us soon! Xx
    Lauren M.

  5. Sometimes when I'm feeling particularly uninspired I just park myself in front of a pen and paper and just draw something, anything! 9 times out of 10 I come out of it feeling happy I did something creative and buzzing because I thought of a new illustration idea.

    I'm all for things coming naturally sometimes pushing yourself to be more creative can do a world of wonder!


  6. Great goal! I know when I do fun events I think I'll come out of it with a Brand New Blog (or whatever project) but it doesn't happen that way, does it?

    My favorite way to get inspired is to try something new, like going to a new restaurant, listening to a different musical artist or someone else's playlist, or exploring the city. If that doesn't work, I like creative "cross-training" -- spend some time in a medium you usually don't use (embroidery, painting, song writing, etc.) and see what you come up with! That usually results in all sorts of great ideas for your main creative medium(s).

    xo Mia

  7. I felt the same way after TxSC. It was like I was on some blogger conference high and I felt great and wanted to do great things, but then reality settled in, and I got busy and that kinda faded away. I'm trying to find inspiration from more places, I feel like I never have blog ideas!

  8. Well if you don't get inspired this month, just know that you did inspire someone!! I loveee to make lists, and you've just inspired me to make a list each day of things that made me happy. I have a job where I have to talk to people who have just been in car accidents and sometimes it's hard to be happy when you're feeling terrible for the people you're working with. Making "happy lists" will help me to remember the little things each day that will make me smile. :) I hope you find your inspiration!


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