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I'm heading to Houston with Dago today to hang out with his mom and our besties who just moved to the city. We're going to a punk show, a Houston Dynamo game, and brunch. I'm super excited to get out of Austin for a couple of days, and to hopefully leave my stress behind. For the car ride, I want to wear something that makes me feel really cute, but is ultimately comfortable whether I'm outside in the heat or in the freezing air conditioning. After seeing Kayley's adorable pre-fall outfit the other day, I've been dying to copy it. Here's my take on the look.

// wish i were wearing
long cozy sweater // The long sweater is an item I've struggled to include in my closet. In Texas, if it's cold enough for a long sweater, I usually need a coat, which doesn't look so cute over a long sweater. There's only about two weeks a year when I can warrant wearing a sweater like this, but that doesn't stop me from wanting one. I love the mixed colors of the knit in this sweater to make it as transitional as possible between a light late-summer look and a snuggly autumn outfit.
breezy printed sundress // How precious is this little dress? I might have shied away from a dress this girly during the summer months, but it's exactly the amount of feminine I look for in a fall or winter outfit with more slouchy or masculine styling. I can wear it with bare legs for the next few months, layered with a comfy sweater like the one above, or slip on tights and a boyfriend blazer when the temperatures eventually drop.
ruched ankle bootie // I think these are the boots I'm going to buy this fall. What do you think? I really want a pair with a slightly higher boot shaft so that I can wear my dark jeans, which are on the short side, without showing off my bare ankles. I think I'm digging the color of these, plus I love the short heel and the lack of zipper.
sweet crossbody bag // Y'all know I'm a sucker for a cute crossbody bag, and the color of this one is so perfect! There are some colors that are easier to pair with any old outfit than others, and I think this may be one of the easier shades. I'm also really digging the square shape of this bag because it's a little bit deeper without being a heavier bag.

In a couple of months, I'd repeat this outfit with patterned tights and a deliciously fuzzy knit scarf.
What are you wearing (or wishing to wear!) today?


  1. I love it, I love it, I love it. Everything about it is perfect! It's cute and feminine yet it still looks comfortable for a car ride and fun day! Enjoy Houston!

  2. Cute, cute, cute! I hope you have a blast in Houston! Sounds like an amazing weekend.

    Ladyface Blog

  3. This is such a cute little outfit! You can totally wear a slouchy sweater like this inside, and then take it off when you go outside. I had been looking at some cheaper boots on that site as well, and I think these would look really good on you. Boots with this height tend to make me look stocky, but on your petite frame I think they'd be really nice. I have to say, even though I'm a big fan of big bags, you're making me crave a crossbody!


  4. ok love this look! you can totally rock this.
    that sweater looks thin, you can definitely wear it!
    im all for wearing sweaters all year round.
    i used to wear jackets when it was 90 degrees just because of all the ac inside haha.


  5. I agree with jennifer s. I take sweaters like this everywhere because everywhere here cranks their AC and I get cold SO easily. ;) rock it girl!!
    Lauren M.

  6. Ok so this outfit is perfection. I'd wear it in a second!

    So, I clicked on those boots and saw they were only $18, and for a split second was going to get up and get my debit card, but then I saw they didn't have my size :( poo.

    <3 danielle

  7. I think this is the outfit that I wish I was wearing AT LEAST once a week. So perfect for so many things!


  8. A loose, non-wrinkleable sundress is my ideal road trip choice, too! Along with shoes you can slip on and off while sitting in the car, too!

    The Random Writings of Rachel

  9. Uhhhh SOOO Cute! I think I need those booties, stat. :)

  10. Totally love this little series you got going on! I'm really lovin the print on that dress. I've been looking for the perfect long cardi, but I can never find one for the right price!


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