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It certainly feels like Friday, doesn't it? I mean, finally. This week has been pretty draining. And for no good reason! I'm hoping to get some serious relaxation on this weekend, but I guess we'll see where the days take me. Since I'm not feeling particularly verbose at the moment, I figure I'll let someone else take the reigns.

If you follow me on Facebook, then you saw me mention an upcoming guest post with my girl Bekah over at Neon Notebook. Thier recent piece on shopping for jobs as a Gen Y girl really resonated with me. 
Anytime I see a list of tips on Pinterest, I click through before repinning to make sure I like it. Well, I love this list and it has me totally inspired to wear outfits with tall boots. Unfortunately, Texas isn't as inspired, seeing as it's in the 90s again today.
If you're a die hard Sex and the City fan like I am, you'll love this article.
One of my favorite engagement sessions I've ever seen. 
Sarah consistently cracks me up and her latest post is an absolute gem.
♥ Who knew a burrito could be so poorly constructed?
Can we petition for a Madewell outlet store so I can afford all of their perfect dresses?
Royals is my jam, but I'm loving the new Lorde single.
And I bought this song while at a red light last night.
I have such admiration for bloggers who write honestly about their lives. Kudos to Carly, Michelle, and Anna Jane!

PS. I've been wanting to make a new button for my blog for a while, and I finally designed one I like! I'm having trouble with the HTML widget in my sidebar, so for now you can copy the code in my "buttons" page over there to the right.


  1. I love your new button! It seems like a lot of the tutorials for buttons wouldn't work anymore (I tried a couple and the html would never show up), but I finally found one that works for mine. If you need it, I'll send you the url. I read that burrito piece too and it literally made me laugh out loud. First world problems, rights? Getting messed up takeout it seriously the worst though. Also, I basically love all of those boots outfits (was so looking at that this morning) and that's basically what I wear all winter long, so I was pretty excited to see new ways to style them (patterned pants? bold/brilliant!). Every time I hear that sweater song I think, hmm, I need to check out that album and see if their other stuff is any good. No I definitely will!


    1. ahhhh please send me that code!
      i've tried everything ):

  2. Isn't there a Madewell store at the Domain? I too have been lusting after those dresses.

    1. Ohh, a Madewell *outlet* store. Yes, I want that. Give me that.

  3. What a cute new button!! I gotta get that up on my page asap. I also love Lorde. I can't believe the girl is only 16?! Have you stalked out any of her live performances? It's ridiculous.

  4. girllllll. first of all, that job post, yes ugh thats how i feel. why is it so hard, i dont know.
    second, that pin, i saw that list right after you pinned it and went through all of those, i love boots (that way no one sees how pale i am haha.
    third you are too nice. you don't know how much i would love to take photos of you (not in a creepy way). you are seriously a gem.
    fourth, madewell, madewell, madewell. ughh i love it so much, everything. i will petition with you.
    so many good links.
    i hope you have a great relaxing weekend with dago.
    oh ya and still loving that new dress on your button.



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