maxed out

maxi: Nordy Rack (similar) // tank: Gap Body // chambray: American Eagle // necklace: Target (similar) // sandals: Steve Madden (similar)
 You know when you have an outfit in mind, and then it totally doesn't turn out the way you envisioned? That's pretty much what happened here. I've had an outfit in my mind inspired by this pin, but when I tried it the night before, it was not working at all. The skirt is really clingy along my thighs, making the tucked in shirt look weird and lumpy. Plus, my skirt isn't quite long enough to wear at my exact natural waist, so I sort of had to fake it. I've been rocking the knotted shirt look a lot this summer, so I went with the old favorite and it did me well all over again. I really grabbed the chambray last minute as a sweater for work, but I actually love the completeness it gives the look.

What outfits have you tried lately that surprised you in the end?


  1. Wow, loving everything about this outfit! You can totally pull off the maxi skirt. I have the same problem with the maxi skirt being too clingy, but it looks so great on you! Also, the chambray top was the perfect addition, especially since it goes wonderful with the necklace! I definitely want to try the knotted shirt look, it really changes the look of a simple shirt or tank!


  2. Cute cute cute! I'm generally not too adventures, but I'm always very pleased if I try a crazy mix of prints and it actually looks good! Love your style, lady!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. It looks comfy cute! You're winning! Keep up the good work!

  4. I love love love this one! It's funny reading your process getting to this outfit because you'd never know looking at the pictures! It all seems to fit your body so well!
    With Luck Blog

  5. stop being so stinking cute all the time.
    ok don't, because i like seeing cute people.
    anyways i love this look, freaking love it.
    hmm getting dressed, i only get dressed for interviews.
    or apartment showings, i'll work on the rest later haha.


  6. I hate when my skirts are too clingy, but you look super cute anyways! I've attempted the knotted shirt multiple times, but I can never get it to stay put, it always manages to come undone or ride up. How do you get yours so perfect?

  7. I think this outfit is really cute! I have a grey foldover maxi too and I find it hard to wear. I usually just wear it with a tighter tee or tank top but I'd love to be able to wear it on my waist. I'll have to try with a knotted top!

    Exploring My Style

  8. Wonderful! I really like the look! I need to wear maxi skirts more often!

  9. My outfit today was inspired by this! Thanks doll!



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