september wishlist

Let's start the week off strong! This month, I'm wishing for super cute active wear.

 Colors? Polka Dots? Slouchy shapes? Giiiirl, I've been missing out on activewear for years! No more are the days of matchy sweats or jewel-toned jazzercize wear. In keeping with my grown up goal for the month, I'm wishing for clothes that make me excited about exercise. Aerie has the best sports bras, GapFit rules for comfy walking gear, and Forever 21 brings the inexpensive, cute pieces to the party.

Where do you find the best inexpensive work out wear?


  1. All of my work out wear comes from the goodwill!

  2. I've been buying up active wear like crazy lately. September must be get-fit month lol


  3. those first pair of pants, forget them for working out, i'd wear them all day every day!
    you go girl, get fit!


  4. I NEED those polka dot yoga pants in my life like...yesterday! I love all these pieces! I would have to agree with you- having cute workout clothes makes hitting the gym so much easier! :)

    <3 Jenna Brianne

  5. I've been meaning to get some new active wear myself. My newest pieces are from three or four years ago, and I still have some shorts and t-shirts I wear from high school! I had been hearing a lot about Old Navy's active wear line for a while too, so that's another place to look!


  6. I get almost alll my workout gear at my local marshalls/TJ! They usually have good brands at GREAT prices. They usually don't have funky prints or anything, but they do have some fun colors and great shapes. Give it a try!

  7. Don't show me these things! I want them all now. Especially the sweat pants (even though I think I'd look like a doodoo in them, ha!), the burgundy sports bra, and the polka dotted yoga pants. I think I agree with Kirsten though, forget working out in the first pants, I want to wear them every single day.


    PS. Your posts have been awesome sauce lately. For realz.

  8. I always see cute activewear and then impulsively buy it thinking I'm going to be OH SO active... Haha, that generally doesn't work out. But for the record, Old Navy has some pretty stellar stuff. I swear by their sports bras!

  9. I did a post recently on this too!! :D It always helps me get my butt off the couch when I buy new workout clothes! TJMaxx is my jam when it comes to cheap/chic gear!! :D Love your picks! Especially that slouchy sweater!
    Lauren M.

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