weekend update

jacket & jeans: Gap Outlet // tank: PacSun (old) // sandals: American Eagle // bag: Forever 21 // earrings: gifted

 This was one of those weekends that had all the best parts of a weekend. I slept in both days and had brunch both days. There was TV binging, Chinese take-out, and thrifting. I wore comfy outfits that screamed "wear me to a coffee shop!" and took a sensational nap. As weekends go, this one was the tops.

Our cable went out on Thursday and no one from TWC can come out til later this week, so Dago and I caught up on some Netflix. Season 3 of Louie just started streaming, so we settled in for a good laugh. Little did we know we were about to watch some of the greatest television ever made. Louis CK may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you like to think a little, laugh a little, and feel a lot of weird, mixed emotions, I can't recommend this show enough.  Every single episode, standing alone, was intense, hilarious, and emotional. I want to watch it all, but I'm trying to take it slow because I want to milk every episode.

On Saturday I went to brunch with a coworker-turned-dear-friend at Austin Java. She's been thinking about starting a blog of her own, and I'm so stinkin' excited because she's got some awesome ideas. I'll be sure to share it with y'all when she's got it up and running. I love having more people to talk about blogging with and not have to feel guilty or self-centered!

In the evening, Dago and I headed over to celebrate his best friend's birthday with him and his fabulous wife. They're some of my only friends who are married and I just think it's really cool. We had take-out and cupcakes, and watched that new show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which was pretty funny. Think The Office set in a police station. We headed home early like a couple of old fogies and crawled into bed with Contessa.

On Sunday, a bunch of the girls from my work got together for a potluck brunch. My coworkers are seriously talented in the kitchen. There were vegan pumpkin cinnamon rolls, savory creeps, hash brown casserole, and lots of mimosa fixin's. I brought champagne, orange juice, basil, and raspberries--such a pretty and yummy twist on the brunch classic. 

For the rest of the weekend, we just sat around and made plans for something I'm really excited to announce later in the week. It's gonna be huge and hopefully really awesome! I'm going to have such a hard time keeping this to myself. Eeee!

How was your weekend? Eat anything delicious? Anything exciting in your universe?

ps. I'm a guest over on NeonNotebook today! 
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  1. Ah! Your weekend sounds like it was amazing! Mine was pretty nice, too, though lots of rain left me less productive than usual, which meant less time for lazing around. I'm excited to watch season 3 of Louie!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. That sounds like a seriously awesome weekend! I love brunch, it's basically one of my favorite things ever, and one of these days I'm going to get around the throwing a bomb one. Mimosas will definitely be involved. Also, you're killing me with the Chinese takeout. For some weird reason there's like no good Chinese food in Blacksburg and I miss Chinese takeout so much. Also, I didn't realize there were new episodes of Louie available, so Andy and I are going to have to watch that ASAP.


  3. AH! You are making me miss actually having weekends! I am slowly mourning the loss of weekends as free time, and learning that they are a great time to catch up on school work.

  4. your weekend sounds absolutely divine! my fave kind of weekend is exactly that-a balance of rest, relaxation, and fun plans. and i hope your friend does decide to give blogging a go. it took me a long time before i got up the nerve to try, and my only regret is that i didn't start sooner! excited to hear what your plans are, too. i'll be on the lookout.

  5. Your weekend sounds like a dream! I think I'm most jealous of your naps and that brunch. How do I get myself some coworkers with chef like talents?

    With Luck Blog
    Glasses Giveaway

  6. Hi hi HI hi hi hi hi hi! I MISSED YOU. I have just been staring at these pictures for the last three minutes, trying to pick my favorite part of your outfit. The shirt? The sandals? The earrings? It's a tie. You're EXCELLENT.
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  7. Sounds like a pretty pro weekend ^_^ I can't wait to hear what you're working on now! Hooray for secret projects!

  8. Sounds like you had quite the weekend! I love that Netflix started online streaming. Although it makes me watch WAY too much TV. There are just so many well made shows to love. I've seen some of LCK's stand up but never watched his show. May have to check that one out soon!

    Exploring My Style

  9. Simple yet cute outfit! Your weekend sounded super fun, I spent mine being sick :( and then we did a road trip!

    ♥ Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  10. First of all. That is THE cutest blog button I have ever seen. If I didn't know of your blog and saw it on someones side bar, I'd totally be like WHO IS THAT ADORABLELY CUTE BLONDE GIRL, I MUST CLICK TO FIND OUT. Yepp it's totally clickable.
    Anywayyyyss, your weekend sound like it was fabulous. Sometimes finding something to write about with an outfit is tough for me... why don'y I just write about my weekend? DUH DANIELLE. (obviously I am cap happy today)
    Lastly. I love this outfit! Lately I've been loving mixing girly items (like your blouse) with not so girly pieces (like the jacket).
    Okay, enough of my long comment.

    <3 danielle

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