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I know that black and white is all the rage this year, but my go-to will always be black and camel. It looks so chic to my eyes and I feel confident in the color scheme. I've been searching high and low for a pair of black jeans, something I haven't owned since my barista days. I can't believe I'll own a pair of black pants that aren't faded or covered in milk, espresso, and simple syrup! 

A flowy blouse on top reminds me of Lauren Conrad, which is pretty much always the end goal of an outfit. 

To dress it up, I've been eyeing these Madewell skimmers for a hot minute, I would be honored to carry this Moorea Seal clutch, and the J.Crew tassel necklace adds the right amount of sparkle.


  1. If you like that tassel necklace, I think you'd like my cousin's jewelry line.

  2. I love black and camel. I agree that it's totally chic, plus is neutral but has contrast and is totally effortless. So easy to match, so easy to wear. I've been dying for a pair of camel flats for times when I just don't want to wear my boots (or they're out of season).


  3. mmm mmm mmm m mm i love all of this.
    i love camel and black.


  4. YESssssss, I also love black and camel, and this look is perfffffffect. That clutch makes my heart swoon a bit.
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  5. I need all of this in my closet like right noww. So cute!

  6. I LOVE that blouse. Gold polka dots? Too cute!

    Ladyface Blog

  7. I was just thinking about how I really want black jeans. And that blouse is perfection!


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