denim & dots

dress, top, & headband: Old Navy // shoes: LuLu*s

 When I bought this chambray dress, I already had this outfit in mind. Layering black and white under chambray looks so crisp, and I wanted to take my own spin on the look. I thought about rocking some stripes, but the cap-sleeves on this dress are really tight on my arms, and I didn't think any of my striped shirts would fit under. I actually considered selling this dress for that reason, but wanted to give it another chance with this thin polka dot top. I really like the look, but I still think I may send the dress off to someone who can love it better than I can.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking about doing a shop my closet again, but this time as an Instagram shop. Do you follow those? Do you ever shop from them? Basically, I would post photos of items I'm selling with a little info and then you could comment with your PayPal email address and I could bill you and send it your way. It would be a mix of new and vintage/thrifted pieces I've bought, but either didn't ever wear or didn't fit me right. No articles of clothing should ever go unloved (except those one-size-fits-all shirts...*shudder*), so let me sell you things I didn't love that could be your new favorite!

I went ahead and made an account called shops like a girl, just in case people are interested in this idea. I haven't posted anything yet, but let me know if this is something you'd be into and I'll get it up and running, so you can get shopping!


  1. oh my word, this outfit is adorable!! i always feel so dumb trying to layer things under dresses, but this seriously looks great. You know how much I love polka dots and chambray ;)

    you should totally do an instagram closet sale! I probably wouldn't fit into anything (womp womp) cause you so dang skinny, but i think you would have a lot of success! :)

    <3 Jenna Brianne
    Freckled Fashionista

  2. This outfit is the CUTEST. I love that dress so much! Oh man, I had forgotten about those horrible shirts. Even in the late 90s and early 2000s when everything was awful anyway, those shirts were particularly wretched! Good luck with the shop my closet sale! I love your stuff, but something tells me I'm at least twice your size!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. I only recently started using Instagram, and I don't really think I get it yet because right now I don't see how people spend so much time on it. I don't understand Twitter either, so I think that's probably why. I'm so computer literate, but I cannot seem to figure out hashtag culture. Someone teach me!


  4. Polka dots are so cute with those beautiful mary jane shoes!


  5. ummmm so cute, i love this outfit. seriously perfect.
    this is my kind of layer girl, you look awesome!


  6. SO cute, and I love that you're wearing primarily Old Navy while still looking uniquely YOU. I don't instagram on the regular, but I'm sure your closet cast-offs are adorable and will find a good home.
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  7. LOVE that dress on you! If they had it a light wash, I'd be alllll over that ish. Your take looks much better than your inspiration pic!

  8. I love the look of a top layered under a chambray dress. Also those shoes are totally adorable!

  9. You've reminded me of a similar outfit I wanted to create once it wasn't so hot! Thank you for that :)
    This is ADORABLEEEEEE! I would totally buy things from people on Instagram, as long as I could fit into, of course. I follow a couple of shops already.

    Okay, I really can't get over how adorable this outfit is. And you, duh.


  10. Love the polka dots, very cute!

    What about an app like Poshmark? I have only done swaps so I'm not as familiar with selling clothing. I know some ladies use Store Envy as well!

  11. I would most def follow your shop on insta. you have have a pretty cute and spiffy wardrobe!! also, love that last jumping picture. weeeeee!

  12. I love the polka dots peeking out :) I've bought a few things from Instagram sales, I think they're great!

  13. You're so freaking adorable, I love you! And this dress, it's something I would never wear myself but on you it totally works and works well! I love that you layered it over a tee.


  14. I've been tossing around the idea of an Instagram clothing sale as well...I say go for it! I know I won't be able to fit into any of your clothes...but depending on your shoe size or if you have any accessories, I bet I could find something :) I definitely tried to buy this dress but they didn't have it in my size. Bummmmer. It's so cute on you!


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