out of season super sale

Even though our eyes are seeing tunnel vision for scarves, boots, and sweaters, stores are having major sales right now on summer swimwear that is usually pretty pricey in the hotter months. Think you may want a new suit for summer 2014? Now is the best time to get your shop on. Here are some of my favorite sale pieces from around the web.

Do you ever shop out of season? Is it crazy to buy a swimsuit in the middle of fall?


  1. Fall is totally swimsuit buying season! I'm a fan of picking them up from the J.Crew sale section- particularly when they're running a discount on top of the normal sale price!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. Buying off season is the smartest way to shop. I'm so terrible about it though, because as soon as I buy something I want to be able to wear it. I definitely know I'll be wanting a new swimsuit for next year, so thanks for the reminder!


  3. I totally forget about out of season sales! I'll have to hit the online shops ASAP!

  4. You are SO smart. I'm playing the no-shopping game 'til the end of my thirty, but...
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