tunic: old Aerie // top: old Old Navy // jacket: Gap Outlet // leggings: BP Nordstrom // boots: old Miss Me // bag: Forever 21 // necklace: handmade via First Thursday on SoCo

This is one of those blogger situations where I'm only showing you the good stuff. I loved this outfit when I was putting it together, and felt really comfortable in it all day, and then I saw what it looked like on my iPhone camera and thought "oh god what have I worn??" Really, it wasn't that bad, but it is unflattering from every angle except the ones shown here. Also, my hair was lookin' real bad the last couple of days before I got it cut. So many unused photos of this outfit.

After consideration, here's why I think it didn't work: The tunic really is too short, billowy, and see-through for its own good. I can't belt it to make it less billowy, because it's so short. I have to wear a shirt under it, because it's so see-through. And I can't tuck it into anything, because it's too billowy. Hmph. 

Still, I'm convinced I'll find a way to wear this tunic. I'm thinking maybe with rolled jeans and booties? Or peaking out from under a sweater? If you've got ideas, I'd love to hear them!

PS. Yes, these are the last photos of me before my new haircut! Thank god...


  1. Lady, what are you talking about? This outfit is adorable! I'm excited to see some photos with your new haircut! From what I saw on Instagram it looks amazing!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I love the tunic with long sleeve shirt under it look. That's something I always love when I see it on other people but whenever I try it on myself I'm like how do people do this? You have the shirt and it causes an awkward shirt line around your stomach unless you tuck it into your leggings which kind of feels like tucking something into underwear in a way which is weird and obviously I'm just the worst at layering things. I think you could go ultra slouchy with this top and wear it with loose boyfriend jeans and booties and a fitted jackets (layer a tank underneath for sheerness) or wear it with some skinny jeans and riding boots. That's probably how I would wear it anyway.

    P.S. Why is everything in the world sheer right now? Every time I find a cute blouse I try it on and it's so sheer so then I know I have to wear a tank under it and that's just another thing to coordinate and I'm annoyed. Why so much sheer? Why?!


  3. Gahhh that happens to me all. the. time. I'll feel so great in an outfit all day long, then I get home and take pictures and think "did I seriously look like this all day?!" I actually like this outfit on you though! The tunic (I would call it a "shress") compliments your long legs! And I've been dying to throw on some leggings or tights... why haven't I yet???

    <3 danielle

  4. I have so many comments! SO MANY. For starters, I looooooove your new haircut (though I think your hair looks great here), and I think this outfit works so well! In fact, when I saw your post (but before I read the text), I was all "oooh, a TUNIC, that girl is so smart." And, gosh. That. Jacket. I am dying on envy over here. Was it a recent purchase?
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

    1. i bought it in...may? april maybe? so not super recent unfortunately. it may be in store, on sale though? we only have one gap outlet here and it's quite a drive out, so i only go once a yearish. it really is perfection though. if you can get your hands on one, do it! it's my best purchase of 2013.

  5. well you still look stinking adorable i think.
    but i definitely know what you mean.
    every time i get dressed thats what happens to me, ugh.
    you're too cute for that to happen to you though.
    and i love the new haircut.


  6. You're super cute but I just can't figure out a way to make myself feel comfortable in leggings. No matter what I wear I say all of these same comments to myself even though I think the same outfit looks fine on everyone else. I would probably walk around the house for 20 minutes wearing this, trying to get the courage up to walk outside... then right before I had to leave I would run upstairs and switch into jeans and walk out. I mean my jeans are still skinny so it's virtually the same thing? We're just our own worst critics.

    and of course I LOVE your new hairs! Can't wait to see them in action.

  7. It may just be these angles, but it looks to me like that tunic looks great! Is it empire-waisted? I find that silhouette a bit difficult to style. I have however seen girls look really cute with them paired with shorts and boots in a music festival way. Not sure that helps much as the weather cools down though!


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