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So like...there was this one time months and months where I longed for my bangs to grow out to be the same length as the rest of my hair. I lusted over Lauren Conrad and Amanda Seyfried's lengthy locks and tugged on my bangs in hopes that they'd grow. For a while, it seemed like they never would. And then all of a sudden, they did. And oh man did it look bad. It's okay, I'm not shaming myself or stabbing my esteem in the stomach. I just realized that...I don't like my forehead. I need bangs. I feel like I look really masculine without bangs! I know, I sound like a silly person; Dago has told me again and again that I don't look like a boy. But it's all I can see. No matter how cute the outfit, I feel like a boy wearing it.

I can already hear my mom saying "but you wanted to grow them out for soooo long!?" I tried, and I learned! If I hadn't grown them out, I'd always wonder if I'd feel prettier without bangs. But now I know. I need bangs. So excited to get a chop this week and feel like myself again!


  1. I think you look lovely without bangs, but I bet you look amazing with them, too! I went through this exact same thing a year or two ago. I had grown out my hair after wearing it short for years and years and grew my bangs out, too. I always felt like I looked ok, but once I cut my bangs again I was like "I'm me again! I'm so cute!!!" Now I'm pretty sure I'll be rocking bangs for life!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. you're just plain silly. You still look very feminine without the bangs! But I must admit, I love when you get just the perfect bang swoop. If my hair did it more often I would totally go back to the bang look because when they behaved I loved it!

  3. I know exactly how you feel! I don't mind how my bangs look when pinned back, but when I have nothing up front it just makes my face look weird and boyish and awkward. I think if you grow them out 100 percent and train your hair to act like hair and not bangs you probably get over that awkward phase after a while, so I think a lot of you not liking how you look is still your hair adjusting, not something inherent in your face or anything, but some girls just feel better with bangs! I'm returning to my internal debate of chopping off my hair now that it's getting cooler. I think I'm probably going to be posting some hair inspo on my blog soon too!


  4. I need to get a hair cut before I leave for Texas and one thing is for sure I'm so getting my bangs back!!!

  5. cut those bangs! if all you can think about in the mirror is your forehead cover it up! you are stunning and when you look in the mirror it should only be "damn that girl is HAWT"

  6. ahhh the ever growing fight with bangs.
    i love my bangs, i feel like i look ugly and fat without them, but they just grow too fast, but not fast enough.
    i can't do it again. i hate how often i have to get them cut, but then they are never long enough when i want to grow them out. girl problems.
    i would say don't do it, maybe create some faux bangs.


  7. i want chunky bangs big time for the fall... but i am too scared to cut my hair so i think i am going to try out clip ins! i can't wait to see you new do
    xo Jessica

  8. I always want to grow my bangs out and it never gets there.. Especially during the fall I always cut them because I always wear my hair up and like you said my face needs them!

  9. First of all, for the record, you look quite feminine without bangs! So stop being silly! :) Secondly, I can totally relate. I always want my hair one length but then realize I at least need a little something framing my face. I think it just draws attention to your features and adds more interest. Yay for haircuts!


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