to do list // fall

Fall is probably the most inspiring season for me. Maybe it's because I always associated it with going back to school, but I feel like fall is full of opportunities to look forward to. The weather cools down, so I'm all about outdoor activities like going to the zoo, playing in piles of leaves, and hanging out at a pumpkin patch. I've already been designing an autumn flower crown for a future DIY, and I've got my eye on a few different knit shops on Etsy. 

One of my most favorite things to do in fall is walk down South Congress with a warm cup of hot chocolate or chai from Jo's. I love my city and I love exploring all the little shops we have. Speaking of little shops, I really want to convince Dago to take a day trip with me to Fredricksburg or Kerville for some small town strolling and antiquing. 

What do you want to do this fall?


  1. This is the best fall to-do list, ever! Mine is full of similar things. I'm trying to make lots of tasty, seasonal recipes this fall.

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I love it! I might need to steal this post idea (with proper credit of course!!) I have to agree with you about fall being an opportunistic time. Def. school and the holidays all back to back! I wish it was cold NOW! haha xx

  3. I love that you put the zoo on there! Dean and I like to head to a local shelter to take dogs for walks. It's a nice way to be around animals (for free!) and feel like you're giving back!

  4. I took my little brother to the Austin zoo and it was a good time. Not the biggest zoo ever, but I love the roaming peacocks and strolling around. Andy and I were thinking about doing the pumpkin patch type thing this weekend, but the place we were looking at nearby is mucho expensive (you have to pay to park and everything), so now we're thinking maybe not. I love busting out cold weather recipes and cold weather clothes during this time. It doesn't take long into winter for me to get sick of them, but this time of layering summer clothes and pulling out light sweaters and tights is really nice.


  5. I love your bucket list for fall! Still laughing at how we wrote the same post, but the zoo is such a fun idea! And chai tea sounds amazing right now.


  6. We have a deer lease in Harper which is only 30 minutes from Fredericksburg, so we always make a couple trips there and walk around look in all the cute shops! Actually that's where Larry proposed to me last year!! At the park over there in front of the huge Christmas tree! Eeeek now I have chills thinking about it :))
    I also plan on thrifting some flannel, romping in the leaves, and roasting marshmallows!

    <3 danielle

  7. Thanks for the reminder! I need to get my fall bucketlist up! :) Great goals! -Alexandra Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


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