a very merry half-birthday

It's my half-birthday today! Y'all know I love to celebrate, and I also love goals, so let's celebrate by seeing what I've checked off my 24 before 24 list in the last six months, shall we?

Wow, I really thought I'd accomplished more than this! Actually, this is an important reminder for me. When I set goals, I like them to be broad and open-ended, because so much can change in a month, six months, a year, etc., and then the goals don't even really apply anymore! Six months ago, I was struggling pretty badly with my depression, having just gone off my meds, and I thought focusing on starting my own business would help me regain my confidence. I'm okay now with saying that I was wrong--both about stopping my meds and about starting a business.

So, let's see where we are. 

oo1. Dago and I did throw a really fun housewarming party. I spent way too much money on margarita mixes, and then everyone just brought fancy craft beer because we live in Austin, but it was a blasty-blast. 
oo2. I did attend TxSC, and y'all have heard lots about it already. I plan on going a second time before I turn 24 because the 2014 event is supposed to be scheduled for March!
oo3. You also heard lots and lots about me rallying at the Capitol this summer. Unfortunately, I never did make an awesome, clever sign, but I'm sure I have plenty of protesting left in my bones for the next six months, and this time I'll come prepared.
oo4. I attempted to use my sewing machine for an outfit I had planned for TxSC, but it was having major problems, so I gave up. Hopefully I can remember to get it fixed and maybe take a class so I can make a skirt before next May.
oo5. I have not baked anyone cupcakes, but I'm helping plan a birthday party for a friend, so now's my chance!
oo6. Dago and I took a day trip with our friend Shelby (the birthday girl from oo5) to San Antonio to go see the United States Women's National Team play. I really wanted us to go to Kerville or Fredricksburg or something (it's on my fall bucket list, in fact), so hopefully we can make that happen.
oo7. Joining a networking group was really important when I was trying to start a business, but doesn't serve the same purpose now. Instead of networking for business, now maybe I can network with feminists or bloggers or something!
oo8. Totally forgot about wanting to learn to make mojitos, but I'm re-inspired to learn now.
oo9. I've not had any time to binge-watch anything. In addition to Downton Abbey, I want need to watch Scandal.
o10. Like oo7, leading a workshop would have had something to do with my business and those goals, but I do still have aspirations to lead a workshop on blogging or on authenticity in blogging. Hopefully more to come on this goal in the future!
o11. We've realized that adopting a dog right now just isn't in the cards. Dogs are a lot of responsibility, both financially and time-wise, and we're already stretched pretty thin. For now, Dago's becoming the world's best "Cat Daddy" (his term, not mine), and we give Contessa lots of snuggles and love.
o12. I checked in with Dago the other day, and he confirmed that we can have and decorate a Christmas tree this year! We probably won't have a real one, but I'm really just excited to have whatever I can get. I can't wait for Tess to knock the ornaments off and play with the branches. Is that the crazy cat lady in me talking? Whoops.
o13. Over the summer, I read tiny beautiful things by Cheryl Strayed, 99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One by Megan Silianoff, and Bossypants by Tina Fey. I've also started Wallflower at the Orgy by Nora Ephron and The Truth About Style by Stacy London, and I plan to read Bird by Bird by Anne Lammott.
o14. I definitely haven't been able to pay all of my bills right on time for the last few months, but now that I have a salary, I plan to make all of my payments before they're due!
o15. I forgot that I wanted to host a slumber party! Girlfriends, let's get on this one!
o16. So, I've sort of done this one. I have technically sponsored both Ladyface Blog and Breezy Days through Passionfruit Ads, but I haven't yet paid to sponsor anyone. I'm hoping to do this at the start of 2014 because I think it's important and special. I'll write more about this when I do it.
o17. Although I haven't cooked a meal for Dago yet, I have started sort of cooking for myself a little here and there (by cooking, I should clarify that I mean making things in the toaster oven that require more than 5 minutes). Soon, I'd like to step my meals up to entre + side, so making enough for two could definitely be in the cards.
o18. The post office continues to evade me. This is not high on my priority list.
o19. You may remember that I started walking/running in September. Well, I promptly stopped walking, and then the I acquired a new work schedule and the time changed, so I haven't been walking since. I know, excuses, excuses. I do enjoy it though! I just need to make time for it.
o20. I hoped to create a positive, productive work environment for my business, but I spend hardly any time at home, and absolutely no time in our "office." 
o21. I haven't monetized personal shopping because I honestly don't have the time or energy for it right now. I do love curating options for friends or taking them shopping and playing "stylist," but I would never ask for more than queso or a milkshake in return.
o22. Hahahaha. See o17. I haven't even tried one new recipe, so this probably isn't going to happen.
o23. Yet another goal inspired by starting a business! Not that having a perfect pair of power shoes isn't an always-goal, but I have a lot fewer opportunities to wear them now.
o24. I did go to a Zumba class! It was a fundraiser for the agency where I work. It was a two hour class and I made it through 50 minutes before giving up. It was incredibly hard. I learned that, next time, I need to wear baggier clothes and to not look in the mirror so much. I think I liked it, in hindsight, but at the time I just thought I was very actively dying.

Wow. That was a really long post! Does that mean I'm getting old?


  1. lol love this list!! It's great and number 009 is a MUST. I'm obsessed w/ Downton. I was really sick over summer and netflix was my bestie. watched every season. The costumes, decor and drama...everything is perfect. ;) Good luck on the rest of your list!

  2. This is such a great list! I always wanted to make one, but it's sort of late, so I'm planning for next year. I also wanted to watch Downtown Abbey, but they took it off Netflix. I started Scandal a couple weeks ago and I'm hooked, great show! I love love love decorating the Christmas tree, can't wait to see how yours turns out! :)


  3. You can come visit the NE and network whenever you'd like!

  4. PLEASE start watching Downton Abbey and Scandal IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  5. What an awesome idea to check in at the halfway point! I started out strong on my list and then tapered off substantially, so I really need to go back and revisit mine. I have a feeling there are going to be a couple of things that I will give up on or realize are not possible/realistic by the end of it too, and you learn how to make a better list for next year. Don't give up on your ten new recipes! A recipe can be pretty much any food instruction that you follow. If you do mojitos, that's one. Don't feel like you have to make a whole entree to have successfully tried a recipe. You can try new cocktails, recipes for simple sides, sandwich recipes, salad recipes, milkshake recipes, whatever. You can do it!


  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Yours is totally adorable :) Good luck on your list!


  7. 006. Fredericksburg. Next week. I'll be there.
    018. Do like me... sell clothes online, bring them to the post office, annoy the mean worker man because you don't know what envelope to ship them in, do it again, annoy him to the point that he is a straight up jerk to you, attempt to go to a different post office, said post office does not exist, go back to the one with the mean man, and you will definitely know which envelope to ship your clothes in by then.

  8. Stir fry with frozen veggies (pre chopped if you like, TJs has some good ones). So easy! It was my go-to when I first starting living with James. Just marinate some chicken or what-have-you in a soy sauce and honey mix and fry it up first before the veggies. I'm telling you, it's foolproof! And once you accomplish one meal for two, it then becomes so much easier. :)

  9. Look at you and your list! Man do I feel like the biggest loser ever. Here is my list: work out like a maniac, make enough money at the job I hate to not feel guilty about shopping, come home and snuggle husband. I've been telling myself for a few weeks now that I should really pick up a book or make some goals, because a friend asked me recently, "What do you want in life?" and I was like... I don't really know. I'm just kind of letting life happen to me. And I don't want that to be the case! I'm young and full of life and energy, I need to be living on purpose! And I feel like you've been so purposeful in the last year that I've seen you blogging, even in the midst of your personal struggles, but I see so much working out for you (by the way, what is your job? I feel like I've stalked your blog so many times trying to find this out and I can't find it!).

    We should talk soon, my little lovebug. I miss you and your energy and apparent love for life is so inspiring and sweet and beautiful. I just love you.

    And ps- if I was zumba-ing and looked in the mirror and saw your bod staring back at me, I'd zumba even harder out of pure joy and sexiness. If that makes any sense at all.


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