emerald & fur

dress: Forever 21 // vest: girls' section of Target (similar) // boots: Chinese Laundry // watch: Anne Klein

When I started trying to be more inspired about my fall closet, I realized I was missing a basic, but crucial staple item: a long-sleeved jersey dress. Luckily, Forever 21 had one that fit the bill for under $10, and in the color of the year! I'm all about emerald and have been wanting a dress to style around the holidays in the rich hue. Two trends, one stone!

Earlier this week, when I planned to wear this, I knew I wanted to wear my faux fur vest, but hadn't really figured out the rest of the outfit. I was running late in the morning and threw together a tights and boots combination that I really didn't love, but wasn't so offensive that I couldn't photograph. I think I should have worn my short light brown boots to clash less with the color of the fur, and saved these to wear with my favorite brown circle scarf with orangey accents. Oh well, I'll have plenty of chances to re-wear this dress!

I think I want to do something super festive and wear it with black and red accessories, and maybe another time with navy and gold accessories. Emerald is so versatile!

What colors are you loving this season? Is there a staple item you're craving for your closet?

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  1. I just got re-inspired over my emerald shirt I just got from H&M! I love the colors you've used with it! I felt like emerald was a tricky color to nail, but you've nailed it my dear. :) Also, faux fur vests are certainly growing on me. I used to be kind of freaked out by them, didn't wanna be the girl that people would pass on the streets and go "Ew, where does she think she is, the north pole? Get out of here with your freaky vest." But I'm seeing more and more people style them in a way that is adorable (and widely socially acceptable ;) and this is my favorite look I've seen!

  2. gosh dang girl you've got legs for days! goodness im jealous. i love this outfit, perfect for fall. or winter.
    i love a nice charcoal grey (i mean i love it all year round, but its perfect for fall), i also love mustard yellow, and navy blue. i like dark colors haha.

  3. Ooh, I love this dress so much! $10?! I need to get myself one of these STAT!

    Looking adorable, as usual :)


  4. SUCH a pretty color!! I can't believe you scored that for $10! It looks insanely comfy too :)
    Exploring My Style

  5. show me more of the dress! I'm on the hunt for something similar! What a great find

  6. This is such a great outfit! I love the dress with the vest! :) I am loving every jewel tone, but recently paired a red garnet with black... and am pretty jazzed about the results. Check it out on my blog. :) -Alexandra Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. I actually love all these colors together, including the boots! That dress is really lovely... I have a grey long sleeve one, but under $10 you say? Hmm.... ;)

  8. I love these colors together! That dress is too cute and for only $10??? Stopping by from Living in Color Style Link-up.


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