layering woes

As far as style is concerned, fall and layering are synonymous. It's all about piling on the shirts, sweaters, tights, socks, scarves, coats, etc etc etc to create cute and cozy outfits for leaf pile jumping and pumpkin spice sipping. Layering is basically a fashion blogger's dream, right?

Well, I'm pretty bad at it. I find it so intimidating (and bulky!) to style outfits with so many sleeves. I feel like autumn attire can get really fussy between keeping my tights situated and my scarves tied right, and ranging between too warm and too cold all day. 

I really want to be awesome at fall. When I do come up with a great autumnal outfit, I feel so cute and cheery, but it honestly takes more effort and energy to dress during these months than any others. It's exhausting, and I feel really uninspired by my closet, which is never a fun feeling.

To help restart my wardrobe inspiration, I want to add a few fun pieces to work into what I've already got.

embellishment // plaid // fair isle // heavy knits // burgundy // circle scarves


  1. There was a time where I was legit undiagnosed OCD about matching. I absolutely could not wear a black top without black shoes or silver with gold jewelry or whatever. It was crazy. I haven't let go of it completely, but I'm definitely better now. I feel it firing up around this time though, because trying to coordinate tights, layers of tops, bottoms, cardigans, coats, scarves, jewelry, hats, etc. is so impossible, so I feel ya. My cold weather go to last year was jeans, scarf, sweater, boots, and so far I'm doing a better job of mixing it up this year, but I definitely have things in my closet that I keep thinking, I haven't worn you yet this year, I should wear you instead of this outfit I've worn twice in two weeks, but I don't because I can't figure out how to wear it with what I have. I just want to look effortlessly polished but cozy like Pinterest ladies. Why is that so hard?


  2. I find it easier to dress in fall if I keep the colors simpler and focus on just mixing textures! Maybe throw in a fun piece like those leggings, but then focus on comfort or warmth for the rest of it. No need to get crazy if you don't want to. In fact I actually hate layering more than two things. I feel so bulky and usually too hot.

  3. These are great mix and match pieces! I love layering but I think it helps that almost my whole closet is filled with neutrals. I have a handful of pieces with great color, but it's easy to add that in when everything else is plain. The worst part of layering (imho) is keeping the layers straight. Long sleeves inside of more long sleeves? It just seems restricting! I do a lot of tanks and tees with sweaters and what not over them

  4. SAME HERE. I feel like since we don't get a very long fall/winter, I really just don't have a quality fall/winter wardrobe. I'm working on it though.
    I definitely think that plaid shirt would look amazing under that embellished sweater! Maybe the perfect Christmas day look! Hmmmm I will now search online for a cheaper version :)

    <3 danielle


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