love at first sweater

sweater (on sale!) & scarf (old): Target // boots: Chinese Laundry (similar)

I have a blogger secret to share: I'm really picky about sweaters, especially on me. Really, I don't even like most sweaters, because I feel like it's so hard to style them in interesting and new ways that are also flattering. I consistently pick sweaters up when I'm shopping and then leave them behind. Now that it's super freezing this week, I've been wishing I had more sweaters. I am really into vintage patterned sweaters, but it takes the perfect pattern to be enough to come home with me.

When I walked into Target the other day to buy another two boxes of cinnamon Life cereal (seriously, I am obsessed right now), I didn't anticipate to leave with a beautiful sweater such as this. It was the only one left, and in my size, so it was pretty much fate. And, really, when does anyone ever walk out of Target with just one thing?


  1. That sweater is adorable and looks great on you! It's definitely impossible to walk out of Target with just one thing!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I'm still impressed that this is all you walked out with!

  3. How cute! I do tend to be super lazy with styling sweaters: jeans, sweater, scarf, boots. This year I have started to wear them with trousers and heels or tucked into skirts (treating them more like blouses) and it's worked out pretty well. I actually haven't bought an article of clothing from Target in ages it seems like; now I feel like I need to go look around again!


  4. Your sweater definitely has a vintage feel to it with its colors and designs. Very cute today lady! And I always love those boots on you. The color is just fantastic.
    Exploring My Style

  5. Yes yes yes yes yes to that sweater, and scarf, and boots, and glasses ... and jeans, while I'm at it. Basically -- yes to everything that's going on here.
    Fifth Freedom Fashion


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