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So, I usually post my November wishlist in the early part of the month. I put it off a couple of times because I did the holiday dress round up and wrote about fall shopping inspiration, but now it's basically December! In like a week, I'll have to start thinking of my wishlist for next month. This year is going so fast, and I think November has been the fastest month yet. Am I alone here?

Anyway, to the wishing! I'm finding myself drawn to two different kinds of clothing these days. As you've seen, I want to dress for holiday parties every single day in preppy fabrics like plaid and tweed, and all the glitz I can handle. But then I'm also loving some of the more quirky takes on cold weather clothing like printed fit-n-flare sweater dresses and neon.

1/ This sweater is sold out today, but it looks so soft and sparkly. I really really want a sweater with a sparkly peter pan collar. Find me one. 2/ I'm super picky about jewelry, but these need to get on my ears immediately. 3/ I'm eternally hunting for the perfect tweed blazer, tweed pencil skirt, and tweed mini skirt. Maybe this is the year for the mini! 4/ Is there anything warmer than a tartan scarf? 5/ Shiny bow brooches are perfect for dressing up coats and sweaters. 6/ I'm seriously dying over the color and scallops of this skirt. It would look so cute with opaque black tights underneath! 7/ Fair isle is all the rage obvi, and the neon gives a fun punch of color to a classic look. 8/ I tend avoid any print that could be classified as "tribal," but I think this is close enough to stripes to be okay. Plus, the shape of this dress is sweaterfection!


  1. 1.

    I got it last week and love it!

  2. These are so cute! I love that peter pan collar sweater and that scarf! I love plaid so much.

    Ladyface Blog

  3. I love everything in this post. EVERYTHING!. I'm hunting it all down now haha

  4. I love basically everything on this list. I will say that I got a tweed Ann Taylor blazer last Christmas break at either Savers or Thrift Town while I was back in Austin, so it's possible! Mine is actually a petite too, which is not a size I usually shop in, but it fits perfectly.


  5. Great picks! I really want a fair isle sweater for the winter. And I love all things sparkly all of the time!


  6. I love that scalloped skirt- such a fun color!


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