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blazer: stolen from brother // skirt: Old Navy (similar) // sweater & tights: Target // oxfords: Aldo // watch: Anne Klein // headband: Banana Republic

When I dressed up for Halloween as Rosie the Riveter in 2011, I thought it was the easiest costume I could possibly come up with from my closet. Somehow, this year's Nancy Drew was even easier. I had like 14 outfit combinations on my bed yesterday morning and just went with the one that was most comfortable. If that's not Halloween-ease (Hallowease?), then I don't know what is!

Dago and I actually came up with our costume ideas sometime this summer. I'm not even sure what we were talking about, maybe sleuthing around town, but we decided that we would be the most perfect Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown. Unfortunately, we were never in the same place the entire day of Halloween, so I don't have a couple photo of us, with our matching magnifying glasses and willingness to search far and wide for Truth and Justice, but you can catch of glimpse of his costume here. Like me, he just pulled things he wears on a regular basis and added a magnifying glass. 

I think from now on, I'm going to aim to just wear things I already own for Halloween. Being creative in my own closet and cost effective are goals for every other day of the year, so achieving that on Halloween is pretty much the best treat.

I lied, the best treat is always candy. Pass the Reese's, please!


  1. we definitely did the same thing. i mean we weren't the same thing, but we just did costumes from our wardrobes. yay for being creative! love your costumes.


  2. I'm all about costumes made from your own clothes or cheap items from thrift shops. One year I was just shopping around at a Goodwill and saw this shirt that reminded me of another girl in our program, so I bought it and pinned my hair into a fake bob and did my makeup like her and went as her for Halloween to her Halloween party. The look on her face when she realized who I was dressed as was priceless.


  3. This outfit is perfect for you! I never dress up for halloween except for this year when i was Ezra Koenig/ Vampire weekend which only required preppy clothes a sign, and fangs that we made out of a spork!

  4. Ha, this is so cute and clever! I hate spending money on costumes (especially to wear for one day!) so I LOVE cheap/items from your closet ones like this. It's perfect! Also, Reese's are the BEST. I get you.


  5. I try to go by things I have in my closet, too. but you're much better than I am. An idea over the summer?! that you remembered?! insane. I feel like I'm always saying "ohhh that would be a fun halloween costume" and then the day before halloween I'm sitting here scratching my head because I never did anything i can't remember my ideas haha. I love the originality of this one!

  6. What an adorable costume, Nicole! I love it!! You look absolutely adorable.

  7. This is such a cute costume! I'm all about whipping something up from the closet. I dressed up as a flapper girl with all of my own things this year and used my saved pennies on a few cocktails and candy ;)

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