a fine formula

dress & boots: Forever 21 // sweater: Old Navy // scarf: Target old

Feeling inspired by fellow bloggers is a really fun part of reading blogs all day, every day. When you find someone whose look feels like something you can incorporate into your own style, without feeling like you're str8 up copying their jam, it gives your closet warm fuzzies and everything feels right with the world.

That's how I feel about Elana of Room 334. She's got her own very distinct style, to the point where I see other well-dressed ladies on the street and wonder if they read her blog. But, she also isn't doing such crazy things with clothes that I don't feel like I can relate or feel inspired by her. I love that she comes up with formulas that can be repeated a bazillion ways and still feel original and new every time.

Take this green dress. It's incredibly versatile and can be worn about a 1001 ways. However, figuring out what those ways are that works with what I've already got hanging in my closet is sometimes a challenge. Enter Elana's brilliant formula: add a cozy cardi and a circle scarf? Easy, breezy, stylish.

On another note, I want to talk about these boots. I've longed and lusted over the Steve Madden Troopas for years now, and had finally decided that maybe it wasn't meant to be. Then I found these awesome knock offs at Forever 21 for a gah-reat price, so I ordered me a pair and patiently waited for them to arrive.

They came and I excitedly started trying to make outfits with them, since I assumed I'd wear them every dang day. Turns out, not so flattering on me. Or something? I really haven't been able to figure out what it is that isn't working, but it's definitely not. Even in this outfit, I think it would look better with my slouchy tan boots than these. And they look real funny with jeans! i just can't figure it out. Somebody halp! Otherwise, I'm gonna end up taking 'em down to the Buffalo Exchange.


  1. I love this outfit! The colors are lovely. I think the boots actually look great on you, but I can't wear that height. The mid-calf boots make me legs look big or something. I hope you can figure out more ways to wear them that you like!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I'm pretty sure you just get bette with each post. I definitely want to try to remake this one- I think I have almost everything! I mean... I'll have to change out the dress.... but I can get pretty darn close.

    Also- It's funny that you should say that about those boots because I was thinking about how much better those boots look on you than me. I think those boots are just hard to figure out because they're such a different shape than the traditional shoe. I have them as well and I always feel weird in them but Dean always compliments me when I wear them. I think they look AWESOME on you!

  3. you are looking very cute in this post!

  4. Elana's formula is indeed very effective :) I actually think the boots look great on you, just the way you're wearing them!

  5. So cute! Love the scarf and boot combo :)


  6. I think those boots look really cute with that outfit, but I guess it's good that you didn't get a more expensive pair if you're just not feeling it. I was pinning so many pairs of booties last year, but I never bought a pair because I thought I would never wear them; I just thought they didn't look good on my shape. Then I kept seeing Piper Perabo wear them on Covert Affairs and I thought, they look totally cute on her and her shape is not unlike mine. This year I wear them all the time! In fact, I bought riding boots because I love the way they look, but they're too much of a pain to zip up over my fat calves. Booties to the rescue!


  7. first of all you are so stinkin cute. i can't wait to one day do a photo shoot with you, no joke.
    as far as the boots go, i have some similar to those and sometimes i hate them sometimes i love them. but then i realize that i always hate the way my legs look so i just go with it. i think my favorite way to wear them are with some leggings, socks and a tunic and oversized sweater. as far as jeans go i'll sometimes leave them loosely laced up so they kind of slosh around. with dresses i like to wear them with some cutesie socks maybe with a little frill or something. those are a few of my preferences, but i feel like these boots look great on you!

  8. I think you're just not used to the boots, they look great! Try wearing them with a black sock to match your tights and it might change how you feel about them. Also, you can most definitely wear them with a skinny jean, if they don't fit inside the boot then just roll them up so they meet the top. I think, however, that you aren't giving yourself enough credit. Love the dress!

  9. I second the loose lacing advice. I usually wrap the laces around my ankle twice then tie. Hope that makes sense!

  10. I second the loose lacing advice. I usually wrap the laces around my ankle twice then tie. Hope that makes sense!

  11. Honestly, you look darling in this outfit AND your boots, but I've seen a lot of people wear them looser too, as a few previous commenters have noted. That might work better for you! I love all the colors going on here, though. So pretty!

  12. Holy crap, Nicole! How did I miss this months ago?? I was looking at my stats and I saw that (for some reason right now) I was getting traffic from your blog, and it took me to this post. So now I feel awful that apparently I never saw this in December? Well, regardless, I'm MONTHS late, but you still managed to make my day and make me love even more than I already do! Especially because you always inspire me and I want to recreate everything you wear, so knowing that I inspire you is making my heart do all sorts of fluttering. Seriously, you're the best. Now let's just pretend that I didn't just comment on a post from December that I somehow never saw. :)


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