bearly dressed

sweater: American Eagle // jeans: Gap // boots: old (similar) // bag: Forever 21 (similar)

 When I planned this outfit, I hadn't intended for the temperature to jump back up to 80 degrees. I was one warm polar bear, but I really, really loved this outfit. I've been shopping for a fair isle style sweater for a minute, and fell in love with this sweet polar bear one from American Eagle. It was supremely comfy, and the sweater is much higher quality that what I've seen elsewhere lately. Has anyone else noticed that sweaters are getting thinner and the knits are becoming...wider? It's like I have to layer a tank under any sweater I find because the knit is so gaping. Not into it. 

What I am into is the penguin sweater that's just like my polar bear sweater. Somebody get it and we can be sweater sisters.

PS. I apologize for the title...I really couldn't come up with any other good polar bear puns!


  1. Girl, I love a good bear pun! That sweater is so adorable. I haven't noticed that with sweaters so much, but I have noticed that it's next to impossible to find a wool coat made with an actual decent amount of wool. Come on clothing manufacturers! Give us the good stuff!

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  2. I have definitely noticed sweaters getting thinner in retail stores, and everything seems to be made sheer these days. I'm not so into it either! I'm sure being in Texas is part of the lack of access to super warm sweaters (I remember having a hell of a time trying to find a good winter coat there before going on a trip to the East coast), but part of it is the trend. I feel like fair isle sweaters are trying to make a comeback this year. I don't have a single Christmas sweater, and I'm determined to get something tacky and in your face this year.


  3. omg adorable!! I want a polar bear sweater!!! Amazing. I'm so excited to go to texas for christmas, I just wish I was coming to Austin!


  4. Yes! Why are sweaters getting thinner? They're supposed to keep me warmmmm!

  5. you are so cute. and i feel like each sweater is different. i like wearing thinner sweaters and layering, but thats just me. haha. love the sweater on you.

  6. Exactly!! I just want thick, warm, cozy sweaters that I don't have to layer a bunch of stuff either underneath or on top. Just want to be warm! The polar bears are super adorable. :)
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  7. The weather is crazy here too! 84 today and supposed to drop down to 20 this weekend??? That's why everyone is sick! Your sweater looks beary cozy, though ;)

  8. Wait... just scrolled back up and noticed you bag! SWOON. It's looks to vintage-y. <3 <3 <3


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