do-it-yourself sparkle

shirt: DIY // jeans: Gap // shoes: Target old // scarf: Francesca's // glasses: BonLook

You may or may not know this about me, but I am not craft-inclined. I have grand visions of crafty goodness, but I find the actual act of crafting both exhausting and anxiety-ridden. Plus, I just don't have the hands for it. Almost everything I've ever attempted has come out pretty wonky.

When one of my favorite bloggers Becca of Ladyface Blog reached out to me about guest posting, I immediately thought "definitely!" and then got really intimidated. She's one of the most brilliant crafters on the Internet, so having a DIY on her blog means it has to meet a certain standard. I started brainstorming all of these wonderful projects I would love to accomplish. Handmade stamped head scarves! Embroidered stationery! Stenciled bunting! Unfortunately, these crafts are all pretty out of my league, and I didn't really have time to try, try again. 

What I am good at is online window shopping. I found this sweater from Asos a while back and fell. in. love. But also didn't really think it was worth the price. I mean, it's just gems on a sweatshirt, how hard could that be? And then I got to thinking, "hey! I could do that!"

So now, here we are. Head on over to Becca's blog for the full DIY so you can make your own sparkly holiday sweatshirt!


  1. Aw, shucks! Make me blush why don't ya! Thank you so much for guest posting. Your project looks amazing! Clearly you're more crafty than you think :)

    Ladyface Blog

  2. So cute! And I ALWAYS think that with clothes I just get so frustrated when it's not an expensive brand but they mark things up just because. This is a totally do-able DIY and you pulled it off perfectly! I actually like you're better and its so holiday! :D Ya!

  3. What a cute top! You know what's funny? I was looking at your jeans as I scrolled through the pictures and I was like hey, I really like those jeans, I wonder where they're from, and then I was like, I bet they're Gap, they look like Gap jeans, and then I reached the links and they were Gap. I used to have Gap jeans and I did like them quite a bit, but I feel like every time I buy jeans they only last a year. Like at the end of every summer I have to buy new jeans. I feel like it didn't used to be that way. Am I crazy? Anyway, I am having a biotch of a time finding a pair of jeans I like lately, so I think I might go scope out my Gap outlet now. Not that this post was about jeans. Anyway...


  4. Look at you go, girl! I'm gunna have to go check out the diy now!

  5. What a perfect example of how crafty does not have to equal complicated to yield amazing results. What a smart project! Love it and you! xo

  6. You may not think of yourself as crafty, but I think of *myself* as crafty, (whether correctly or not,) and I'm gonna copy you! Hopefully that's worth something? Haha. But no, really, this is a great project, very well executed, and your guest post was so charming that I had to come over here and check you out :)

  7. You totally nailed it! Great job. And I'm definitely the same way, the only thing I can kinda do is crochet, but even that tends to not come out as perfectly as I'd like. Oh well!

  8. I didn't see the DIY title at first and was wondering where to buy this from! I love how simple it is, but still sparkly enough to be festive (or maybe it's just me who likes to overdo the glitter this time of year?)

    Bonjour, Blogger!


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