grown up goal: december + thoughts on 2014

I am in shock that it's December, y'all. It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating the new year and considering all of the goals I had ahead of me for the next twelve months. I've been thinking a lot lately about how I want to blog my goals for the next year. But, before I get ahead of myself, let's talk December.

My grown up goal this month is to reflect on 2013, critically and compassionately. I notice that a lot of people use goals as a way to shame themselves into getting things done. I don't think this is healthy or fair or productive. You've got to be nice to yourself if you want to be successful.

When looking back on the year, I want to identify the things I wanted to do, but didn't, as well as the things I achieved. Why didn't I do them? Sometimes it's about an outside force that I can't control, and sometimes it's even an inside force that I can't control. For instance, there's no use in beating myself up over not getting a business off the ground if I A. didn't want to and B. put my efforts and energy toward other projects. In the meantime, I gained a little following for my blog here, obtained full-time employment, met the Vice President of the United States, started a podcast that people actually listen to, found an anti-depressant that works for me, and put up my first Christmas tree. If those things aren't synonymous with success, then I don't know what is.

Overall, I'd say 2013 was one of the best years ever, if not the best. I made more friends this year than I've made in a long, long time. I moved in with my boyfriend, and bought a coffee table. I made the very first of my giant payments on one loan, and paid on another for the whole year. I rallied at the Capitol for my rights, and for the rights of other women in my state.

Since I'm wrapping up the year with a grown up goals post, I thought I'd share how the format's going to change a little in the new year. I've mentioned a couple of times how coming up with these grown up goals is a little difficult because by time I really put energy into one, it's already a new month and I have to come up with another. Plus, it's not like my goals for striking a balance or getting fit can be over and done in 30 days. The intention has always been to focus on certain aspects of my life each month to help me make these things a part of my natural routine.

I've been inspired by how a few other bloggers their monthly goals. I love how both Julie and Michelle post smaller, more tangible goals every month, and then kind of keep track of their progress from month to month. I'm usually not into making such tangible goals for the long-term, but for a month, I think it could help me stay on track and accomplish more in my 30 days than one big, lofty goal.

Does that sound cool? Is that something you'd want to follow?
What are you reflecting on from the past year?


  1. I actually think that's a great idea. I haven't been doing it as much recently, but I used to always write lists like that for myself on a whiteboard in my office, and you'd basically be doing that but on the blog. I think you should do whatever will be productive and manageable and inspiring to you, when it comes down to it. It sounds like you've had a great, healthy year worth being proud of!


  2. I love this! It's so true that people need to think positively about their goals to be successful. It really does sound like you've had an awesome year, and I hope 2014 is even better for you! I would definitely be interested in seeing your smaller goals! I feel like I should do this myself too


  3. It sounds dumb but I really take buying a coffee table seriously. It's one of the furniture pieces I use EVERY DAY. It's like the rug from the Big Lebowski. It can really tie a room together. So congrats!

  4. That does sound cool and like something I want to follow! My goal--perhaps not a grown-up one, but a goal nonetheless--is to a forge a better relationship with my bunnies.

  5. You kicked ass in 2013! I love this positive recap of your year. I am so very proud of you and so glad to call you a friend.


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