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November was an odd month. It started very, very heavy for me, but through working to strike a balance, I feel so much lighter. When I realized it was a new month, I actually felt incredibly relieved. I engaged in serious amounts of self-care, and my "hard work" is paying off! Here are some of the things I've been up to lately that bring me immense happiness.

christmas tree decorating
vintage furniture shopping
impromptu game nights
lavender candles
white wine spritzers
blankets on blankets on blankets
finding the perfect gifts for my favorite people
painting (even if i'm not very good at it!)
taking couch naps with contessa
holiday crafts
planning cold weather outfits
hot cocoa with marshmallows
fall trees
singing along to 'white christmas'
emerald sweaters
lighting the menorah with dago


  1. Glad to hear you've been taking care of yourself this past month. It's so important! Love your pics, especially those beautiful trees!

  2. I'm glad to hear you've been taking good care of yourself! I've been attempting to do the same but haven't made as solid of an effort as I should.

    I love your list of things you've been up to. It all sounds amazing!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. I love that with every month you seem to get a new chance to start over. I am glad that you are taking care of yourself, that is so important!

  4. I always want to start anew at the beginning of every month but somehow processed foods and sugar always seem to find me :(
    BUT I'm looking forward to a lot of those activities too so it's fun to look ahead!


  5. Awh I love this post :) I'm glad you're taking care of yourself!!

    xo www.inventedromance.blogspot.ca

  6. I love so many things on this list. I'm glad things are coming together. Cheers to December!

  7. Those all do sound like really happy things!


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