it was the vest of times

vest: girls' section of Target (similar) // shirt: Banana Republic // boots: Delia*s (similar)

I told y'all I had more fur vest outfits up my sleeve! It's surprisingly still freezing in Austin, so I'm taking notes from all my cold weather bloggy friends for expert layering. Last week Jenn mentioned that wearing her vest kept her really warm, while still allowing her to use her arms to their fullest potential. Since we take frequent dance breaks at work, but I still wanted to be warm, I thought I'd give the vesting a shot with my favorite plaid and an easy bottom half. The moral of the story is that if you haven't gone out and bought 1. a fur vest and 2. this plaid shirt, you're doing it wrong.

I know a lot of people are ready to call the season we're in "winter," but it's just settling into fall here in Texas. The trees at my apartment complex and around work have mostly turned pretty oranges and reds, and I am all about it. I can't wait for it to stop being wet so I can play in the leaves!

// vest previously worn here, here, here, & here
// shirt previously worn here

alternative titles for this post:
south by south vest: infuractive
invest in your futfure
thanks for those, dago


  1. Cutie! I'm jealous of your pretty fall leaves! Ours blew off of the trees back in October! I hope your vest kept you warm while you took photos!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. Fall/winter in Louisiana is ugly. Brown. Just brown. I usually sing "I'm dreaming of a brown Christmas" because I know that's all we'll get! Haha. And yes I am doing it ALL wrong. I am well past regret in passing up that little girls fur vest at St. Vincent de Paul monthes ago. I'm pretty sure mention that every time you wear this vest. But really, you style it to perfection every time.

  3. Cute, cute, cute. I haven't worn my fur vest enough this season, but it's getting colder each day so it's time I utilize it! I have trouble styling it though because it's A) Long and B) somewhat dominant on my small frame. Dilemmas!!


  4. Vest of Times! Ha! I love a good pun, lady!

  5. how hilarious are you with your alternative titles!? hahaha! You're so cute, I'm all about a good vest for winter. I scooped one up last year at the saks off 5th down in SM and it was only like $30?! and I always get compliments on it. They seem to always have vests and crazy sales. ;) Xx
    Lauren M.

  6. while i don't have a vest, i recently invested in a regular vest myself. i quite like it. i love having my arms free while still being warm. you are totally cute.

  7. You are seriously too cute! I love this vest on you, and I'm super jealous of your "fall" weather since it's 1 degree where I am haha. Also, your title. Genius.


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