red & green // round one

skirt: Forever 21 // cardigan: Target // shirt: thrifted (originally Gap) // shoes: Lulu*s (similar)

 Red and green may be complementary colors, but I feel like a lot of people opt to not pair them together because it's too Christmas-y. Recently. red and green has become a favorite color combo of mine, so I'm excited to share a couple of fun ways to wear it.

I call this outfit Tomato, Avocado, and Polka Dots. I love that the red is a little orange-y, and the green is a little on the yellow side, making them both in the same color family, but not true red or green like you'd see in a coloring box. Also, I'm really craving a tomato + avocado salad now. Weird...

I actually came up with this outfit when I first bought the sweater, but it was just getting colder around these parts, so I decided to save it for the inevitable warm day ahead. Of course, it's December and 85 degrees in Austin. Of course.

Am I the only one who feels kind of weird wearing pencil skirts when you don't have to? By that, I mean that I always associate pencil skirts with "grown up" clothes. Like, I put off buying them unless I'm applying for the kinds of jobs where I might have to wear "grown up" clothes on a regular basis. I own a handful, and only wear them to things like networking events and interviews. My office is extremely casual, especially for advocates, so I usually feel like I'm overdressed for the occasion if I were to wear a pencil skirt to work. 

I rationalized wearing this one because there was supposed to be media in the building yesterday for our Giving Tuesday fundraiser. If you happened to make a donation yesterday, I'm so incredibly appreciative! If you're not sure what I'm talking about, you can pop in over here and consider making a donation through the rest of the month!

//skirt previously worn here and here
//cardigan previously worn here


  1. I love this outfit so much. What a great color combination! That polka dot skirt (and you!) are too cute!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. I'm not sure how I feel about this color combo, which is not a bad thing! I tend to put together really "classic" type outfits, so I normally wouldn't even think to put together an interesting color combo like this. I kind of feel that way about pencil skirts too, and typical "work" type clothes like trousers and certain blouses. I've started wearing those clothes quite a bit to teach in, because I like dressier work clothes and I feel good in them, but sometimes I just want to wear trousers and I'm like, is it weird for me to wear these trousers out to a casual dinner when I've just been sitting around the house all day? I say you wear whatever you want whenever you want. Put those pencil skirts to work!


  3. NICOLE. STOP IT. YOU ARE TOO CUTE. I love this color combo, though I'm not sure I could pull it off (I've got mixed feelings about red). But you look stunning!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  4. LOVE THIS! You look so cute. I definitely understand the christmas combo misconception, but whatever, i think you rocked it.

  5. I admit to never really pairing the two colors, but that's mostly because I don't own a lot of either. Love how those two shades look together though! Also I totally feel the same way about pencil skirts, even though I would really love to start incorporating them into my wardrobe.

  6. Just in time for xmas! Love the pop of polka dots


  7. Shoot, now you've got me craving avo and tomato salad thanks to this fab outfit. Love the polka dot finishing touch!

  8. These are the perfect shades to not appear too "christmasy". and I'm totally with you on the "grown up clothes" bus. I have a bunch of pencil skirts and a decent number of plain "business-like" dresses that I guess I could where whenever, but I just don't.

  9. I love this color combo and they don't look Christmasy at all. I have that same sweater and I'm convinced it's the best color :) Cute skirt!

  10. I think with off shades of red and green like you wore here, it makes it less bright and Christmas-y. That sweater really does look like an avocado!
    Exploring My Style


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