red & green // round two

skirt: Francesca's Collections // sweater: Loft // necklace: J.Crew // tights: Loft (similar) // shoes: Lulu*s (similar)

 Merry day-after-Christmas, darlings! Or, Boxing Day if that suits you. I hope you had a relaxing and joyous day with lots of mashed potatoes. I was at work, but still enjoyed the holiday.

I could have (and probably should have) opted for pajamas at work on Christmas, but I wanted to wear something a little more festive. Plus, I already had the outfit planned. What better time to wear red and green together than Christmas? (You can see the last time I wore these colors here.)

To keep from being so literal, I chose darker tones. I'm really excited about this skirt. I mean, it has a bow and pockets. I bought it at the same time as this one. It was a real good shopping day. I actually bought the sweater, necklace, and tights all on the same day too while I was strolling through the Domain during their pre-Black Friday sales.

Speaking of sales, are any of you out doing day-after-Christmas shopping? I hear it's becoming quite the phenomenon, and stores are offering some delightfully discounted items to celebrate. I am, again, at work today, but I'm thinking that I may need to do a little browsing this weekend to see what stores are getting rid of before the new year. 

PS. You can thank the glorious and talented Cathy Chao for my new photo to the right.
PPS. I've added a FAQ page under the find me tab. Let me know if you think of other questions I should add!


  1. I love everything about the blog today! Great outfit. So jelly of that shirt and skirt, and those tights are so cute! Also, that sketch pic is genius, and I love it. Merry Christmas to the blog!


  2. you look super cute! very festive and love the entire look! you definitely have a great assortment of tights and those are no exception! :)

  3. That's a wonderful skirt! Great choice.

  4. This Christmas outfit is PERFECT.
    I'm so glad to have found your blog - thank you for your delightful outfit posts and your strong feminist thoughts! I look forward to reading more :)


  5. Love the deep Christmas colors :) And the new illustration! Very cute.

  6. That skirt is so gorgeous! Great for the holidays.

  7. You look adorable--love the skirt! I got a new sparkly green top after Christmas. I couldn't resist the 50% off sales. :)

  8. Love the look! And you're spot on with the darker tones - keeps it from being too in-your-face Christmas-themed.

  9. Your skirt is divine. I love it so hard - the color, the fit, the length, the bow? It's so perfect!!!


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