red holiday dress

dress: vintage New Bohemia on South Congress // coat: old Papaya // shoes: thrifted

Over the summer, I went on a little thrifting mission to find head scarves. While I was out, I popped into a little shop on South Congress called New Bohemia, just to see if they had anything I couldn't live without. And then they did. I walked right up to her and my heart felt like it met its soulmate. I knew she was going to come home with me. 

I got all gussied up for a night out to dinner with Dago after work. Long story short, the Time Warner guy was supposed to show up at 5pm and didn't come til 11:30pm, so we never got to go.  My pretty new dress didn't even get to see the outside of my apartment!

I wanted her first time out to be special, so I decided maybe I'd save her for the holidays. I've always wanted a little red holiday dress, so why not a perfectly '60s frock? Also, it took at least this many months to figure out what shoes to wear with her! I defaulted to my favorite platinum glitter flats, but I'm thinking she really needs a pair of emerald suede or velvet shoes. What do you think?

I ended up wearing her to my agency's holiday party. In case there were any doubt, she was a hit! Hopefully I have another chance to wear her this season, and maybe I'll even find a pair of shoes to match.

What are you wearing to holiday parties this season?


  1. This dress is amazing! You look great in red! My holiday party is actually going to be in February since we're all so wiped out around the actual holiday, but it's highly likely I'll keep up with my tradition of wearing something sequined. I am going to see The Nutcracker this weekend, though, and I'm going to wear a dreamy 60s black and gold brocade number. I'm pumped!

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  2. LOVEEEEEE. I dream of finding beautiful vintage dresses like this one everytime I walk into a thrift store! It seriously looks amazing on you. And I agree, some velvet shoes would be perfect!

  3. Such a lovely bright dress! I like those flats, but Danielle is right that velvet would be v. cute.

  4. I love that dress so much! I would be really tempted to match it with red heels because I'm cray-cray like that, but a pair of gold or silver pumps would look gorgeous as well. Lately I pretty much only want to wear something with a heel on it, so that's the way I would go.


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  6. How is it possible you're so adorable? You're like a little gingerbread lady I want to eat you! But I won't


  7. um seriously adorable. i feel like for the holidays most people do black dresses, but i absolutely love this red dress! you are perfect in this dress.


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