remembering 2013 // favorite outfits

2013 was a crazy and full year for me in general, but especially for blogging. At the end of 2012, I decided that I wanted to be a post-six-times-a-week kind of blogger. I did a pretty good job! 295 posts out of 365 days? That's a pretty big accomplishment, in my opinion. This year, I went from being the owner of a blog to a blogger.

I also dedicated myself to taking lots of outfit photos this year. I may not always have the most innovative or expensive outfits, but blogging them definitely helped me be more creative in both my shopping and dressing habits. I only posted a handful of outfits in 2012, and the photos weren't really worth rounding up at the end of the year, so I'm super excited to be able to share a whole post of my favorite outfits of the year.

It's so cool to be able to look back on everything I wore, and how my style shifted from season to season. It's fun to see my hair at different lengths and to remember where I was when I took these photos and what I did when I wore the outfits. I moved apartments, changed jobs, and tried new things.

Without further ado, here are my favorite outfits of 2013.

What's your favorite thing you wore this year? If you blog, did you notice anything cool looking back on your posts from the last 365?


  1. It's official, you're the cutest! I love seeing all the recaps around and seeing what each blogger thinks are their favorite outfits. I love all your picks!

  2. I adore your "Autumnal LBD" look, "everyday holiday," and all of your polka dots and florals! It's also great how you seem to be having fun in all of your pictures.
    This was the year I discovered crop tops, overalls, ballerina buns and Heidi braids. I'm definitely making braver clothing choices and having more fun with it all!


  3. I love so many of these sooooo much!

  4. This is so fun! I need to get a lesson from you on how to take great outfit pictures!! :D my 2014 resolution haha. Xx

  5. 295 posts?! that's insane! congrats lady :) I've been reading all my daily bloggers' round-ups (and working on my own today) and it is truly amazing to look back on all the accomplishments and see how blogging enhances our lives and inspires others. Cheers to an even more successful 2014! xo

  6. Your post count is definitely impressive! I'm lucky if I can crank out 2 a week! Kudos to you!

    A Coin For the Well

  7. I can't even pick a favorite. So much cuteness!! I do especially love your fur vest so I'm partial to that outfit. Great style choices overall!
    Exploring My Style

  8. I love your sense of style, Nicole. Some of my favorites from this year are "don't sweat it," "the taste of summer," "the softest cardigan," and "stress dressing." You are darling, Nicole!


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