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At 11:41 pm Tuesday night, we were instructed to yell. For 19 minutes, the feminist army filling the Texas State Capitol screamed and chanted and clapped and stomped for our right to choose. No heavy metal concert played directly into headphones could have been as loud and ear-numbing as we were. We yelled so that the vote being taken inside the Senate gallery could not be heard by midnight, the sine die of the special session.

At 2 am, we still had no verdict on whether or not SB5 had passed. The remaining hundreds (out of the previous thousand+) sat on the floor of the Capitol building. My phone died and I wasn't able to even keep up on Twitter, but everyone around me was texting with their loved ones at home who watched, with 200,000 others, the live stream of what remained in the Senate gallery after midnight. We saw photos from inside the gallery of documents where the time stamp had been changed from 12:03 to 11:59, as if the final vote on the bill had been at all legitimate. As if our voices hadn't existed at all. 

At about 2:15, Cecile Richards gathered us in the center of the Capitol floor to read a text from Senator Wendy Davis. "I love you all," it began, "The Lieutenant Governor has agreed that SB5 is dead." I was immediately brought to tears and hugged the feminist soldiers around me, with whom I'd fought so tirelessly.

But no one fought as tirelessly on June 25 as Senator Wendy Davis. By now, I'm sure you've all heard stories of her incredible heroism, so I'll give you a bulleted list from my memory.
// Senator Wendy Davis took her place on the senate floor in orange tennis shoes. 
// In order to continue the filibuster all night, she would not be allowed to drink, eat, use the bathroom, sit or learn for 13 hours.
// Evidently, she was also not allowed to put on a back brace, with the help of another senator, halfway through the proceedings.
// Senator Davis read testimonies from Thursday night, many of which went previously unheard when the Chair said we were repetitive and shut us down.
// She read them slowly, might I add. Yes, so the filibuster could last, but also so that  the GOP members on the floor could hear every single word we had to say about why SB5 would literally endanger the women of Texas.
// Senator Davis had immense support from her team as they asked intelligent, crucial questions allowing Davis to make all of the information against the bill heard on the senate floor.
// Some of the opposing senators felt her answers weren't "germane" and she was given two more warnings (along with the warning regarding the back brace), ending her filibuster sometime around 10 pm.
// While senators on both sides continued to argue whether or not the ending of the filibuster was even legitimate, Senator Davis continued to stand.
// Oh, and #StandWithWendy was trending worldwide.

It was Davis' fierce determination that gave me and my fellow soldiers the strength we needed to stay and fight too. Together, the feminist army and the Democratic senators of Texas killed the bill. Together, we used our voices in ways the GOP didn't even know women could. They may be saying that what we did was wrong in the eyes of Senate rule book, but what they were trying to pull was wrong in the eyes of the constitution and in the eyes of Texas (who are always upon you).

My time spent in the Capitol over the last several days was one of the greatest things I've ever been and could ever hope to be a part of. When I made my 24 b4 24 list, I included protesting at a rally with a really awesome sign. While I'd still like to do that, I know that it will pale in comparison to what I've just been a part of.

When I woke up today, I was so unsure if last night had even happened. Had Texas GOP legislators really tried to regulate my body in such a demeaning and dangerous way? Had Senator Davis really stood for 13 hours for my rights? Had Senator Van de Putte really left her father's funeral to be at the Capitol with us, where she had to say "At what point does a female senator need to raise her voice or her hand to be recognized over the male colleagues in the room?" Had the GOP really tried to change the time stamp on the official vote, which 200,000 people watched live? Had Senator Davis really texted Cecile Richards that the bill was dead? Was the bill really dead?

For now, it is. However, the GOP has made it clear that they'll do whatever it takes to have a second special session where they will undoubtedly try again to pass this disgusting bill. But we'll be there.

In the meantime, I keep wondering if life will go back to normal. I mean, why wouldn't it? But I don't feel normal. I haven't since last Thursday. Maybe I'm still in the middle of all this, but I also feel changed after participating in all of this on the front lines. After the stories I've heard, the people I've met, and the ridiculous acts of both the GOP and the feminist army, I don't know that I'll be able to look at the world the way I did before. I know now what people are capable of when they are pushed to their limits, when they've begun to fight. And I know that we've just begun.

whose house? our house

Sorry I've been MIA, y'all. I'm having a hard time doing things unrelated to the war on women in Texas right now, but I'm also too tired and anxious to write about what's been going down yet. I was at the Capitol until 4am on Monday morning and I'll be at there again tonight until the special session ends at midnight. For updates, follow me on Twitter!

Also, here are some pieces around the Internet about what I've been up to:

I promise to be back with something pretty and/or inspirational by the end of the week.

still fighting

today i am clothed in resilience. i'm back at the capitol, continuing to fight against the bills that aim to harm millions of texas women. even if they won't hear me, i want them to see me as they strip me of my rights.
if you're in austin today, i urge you to join me.
your presence is important.

call to action

photo courtesy of TaneneAllison's Twitter

If I ever choose to have a family of my own, when I'm ready, on my own terms, I will tell them about the night I testified against HB16 and HB60.

If you follow me on Instagram or especially Twitter, then you know how I spent my afternoon, evening, an wee hours of the morning: using my right and my voice to fight against harmful bills proposed in Texas that would drastically limit access to healthcare for women, specially abortions. I'll keep the legalease short, but the bills aim to eliminate all but 5 clinics providing abortion services in the state of Texas. 5. In the whole state. 

I realize this is an extremely controversial topic and I may turn away some of my more conservative readers, but I'm a feminist first an foremost and sisterhood is what I believe in. Living in Austin, I have access to a lot of services and support that women across the state don't. Sisterhood means never leaving a sister behind. Not a rural sister, an impoverished sister, a sister experiencing abuse, or any sister who no longer wants to be pregnant for any reason. On Thursday at 4:30pm, I gathered with over 700 women and men who told their stories and argued against bills that would devastate their Texan sisters. 

 During the 12 hours I was in the hearing, I witnessed firsthand so many things I thought we left in the 1950s. Not only were we fighting for the same rights our grandmothers fought for, but we were shut down and had to fight back in the ways you read about in history books. At my 8.5 hour mark, the chairman said our testimonies were repetitive. He said we needed to find the most compelling of our stories to put forward. He was prematurely ending the hearing. We hissed and pleaded. We prepared to stage a sit in. We chanted Let Her Speak!

 But we're not in the 1950's. Permanently attached to our phones, we tweeted. On the same night as Kimye's baby name was announced and the NBA final, we trended #HB60 worldwide. We were our own press. We quoted lines from the most heart-wrenching, inspiring, fury-laden, pleading testimonies those walls have ever heard.

After 10 hours of waiting, I was able to testify. Over the ten hours, my entire being had filled with so much rage. The bills' author laughed as women told their horrifying stories of back-alley abortions, of mental health disorders that made pregnancy positively dangerous, of daughters of abortionists who watch their parents go in to work every day to save women's lives. I was angry in a way I have never felt in my life. When I got up to speak, I heard my voice loud and clear. "My name is Nicole Seligman and I am a constituent of Representative Elliott Naishtat. Like my Representative, I am against this bill." I spoke about my work on the dating abuse helpline. About the necessity for ample access to healthcare facilities. About sexual and financial abuse so many of our women are faced with. About trusting women to be the experts on their situation. 

And then I lost it. All of the breath was taken from my body and I could barely speak through the tears. "It is irresponsible of Texas lawmakers to make these women's lives even harder, scarier, and less safe...You have a responsibility to Texas women to support them, protect them, and give them the right to choose." I looked each of the representatives before me dead in the eye. "We have gained national and global attention tonight. Do we have your attention?"

I am writing this at three-forty in the morning, sitting in the John H. Reagan building of the Capitol complex, surrounded by the most incredible people I have had the honor to encounter. I am still trying to process everything that has gone down over the last 12 hours. This is about trusting women--all women--to make the personal, private, often desperate decisions they are entirely capable of making. This is about providing safe and supportive options to women who will find another way if the state denies them. 

Tonight was the single most important night of my life thus far. Maybe that sounds extreme or exaggerated to you. I know how lucky I was to have been able to tell the stories of my hundreds of callers, and of the majority of people who were silenced last night by a chairman who thought we were repetitive and uncompelling.

Our stories are repetitive because so many of us have had to fight against the same threatening, mistrusting, and silencing legal system. Every word we spoke was compelling if you stopped and listened.

I am so immensely proud of everyone who came together last night. I stood with sisters from St. Edward's University, a catholic university who wouldn't allow us to speak about abortion on campus and who once literally took our vaginas away (that's another story!). I stood with fellow Austin blogger Camille of Pretty and Punk in the line to testify after they tried to shut us down. I stood with my sisters from the dating abuse helpline who told remarkable stories of how this bill could damage all communities of women across Texas. I shared knowing glances and hand squeezes with strangers in solidarity. Democrats from across the nation sent in pizzas. Locals brought us fresh cookies and coffee. The #HB60 Twitter feed was filled with supporters from all over the world. As one of my coworkers put it, surreal is really the only word to accurately describe this experience.

I'm off to bed now so I can keep fighting in whatever way possible tomorrow. I'm sure I'll have more to say on this later, but I wanted to write it while it was still happening to me.

my night at the capitol

jacket: Gap Outlet // dress & necklace: Target // sandals: Steve Madden // purse: J.Crew Factory gift 
In true knowing-me-better-than-I-know-myself fashion, Dago surprised me with this beautiful J.Crew clutch that I didn't even know I needed. I've been a crossbody bag 4 lyfe kind of girl, but every time I have an event or something a little fancier to go to, I struggle to find the right bag to carry my essentials. Since we were both really strapped for cash on our anniversary, we decided to surprise each other with gifts throughout the rest of the year when we had more slack in our bank accounts. Dago eyes J.Crew Factory as often as I do and bought this baby during their recent flash sale. He's a keeper.

PS. I didn't dye my hair. For some reason brick walls do weird things to my hair/complexion in photos. Womp womp.

PPS. If you're in Austin today and support women's access to healthcare in Texas, please consider testifying this evening at the Capitol to prevent SB5 from being passed by the House. Find more information here. I hope to see you there!

my new purse baby

blazer & loafers: Target (similar//similar) // tee: PINK // jeans & belt: Gap
 Some outfits are meant to be copied (and then worn again and again and again). My girl Danielle over at Goodwillista wore pretty much this exact outfit a couple of weeks ago and even then I commented that I would be copying it soon. I think I've actually thrown this together once or twice in a sleepy hurry to get out the door, but never thought it was blog-worthy until I realized how cute it looked on Danielle. Leopard, orange, and comfy denim? Yes please, every day.

Aaaaand just to prove how much I love this combo, see examples A and B.

copy leopard

dress: Forever 21 (loving this one!) // jacket: Nordy Rack (similar) // flats: Old Navy (similar) // purse: Lucky Brand // flower crown: DIY
 Before heading out to 3/3 of my networking ops last week, I grabbed a post-work meal with my BFF. And of course I had her snap a couple of pics in front of this cute antique dairy truck outside Austin Java!

I'm really glad I saved this outfit for the third event because it was the most lady-centric and everyone was dressed super cute. I ended up ditching the flower crown for a braid and tiny pink bow because I didn't want to seem too attention grabbing. The event was a grand opening party for a lovely event planner and the second anniversary for the florist shop. They definitely deserved all of the attention for all their hard work. I met so many sweet, fun people at this event, which was a great way to close out the week. 

I just noticed I managed to wear shades of blue + pink (my Here Comes the Brand colors) again. Talk about subconscious brand awareness.

PS. Reminder that Google Friend Connect is going away on July 1st! Keep up with your girl:

polka dots + flower crowns

june 14, 1988

a close up.
skipping out of work early on a Tuesday ‘cause the temperature’s finally below 107°.
there’s a sunburn forming where the forehead conquers what used to be hair.
trying to hide 28 years of freckles behind thick red frames and a thick red beard.
there’s a mustard stain on the faded button-down, just above the n in Dan.

smile with your teeth, Dan.
wishing this moment could last forever.
snagging this moment like a kite in a tree

so it will last forever.

love you, dad.

a poem i wrote for my dad several years ago inspired by the photo above.
read more of my poetry here.

hey dad

dress: Delia*s (similar) // blazer: Forever 21 // sandals: Steve Madden
 This week has been a whirlwind of networking. Since deciding to go full-force with Here Comes the Brand in June, I've been trying to make an appearance with everyone in the wedding industry in Austin. So far, that means three networking events in one week. Whew! I'm gonna need some more business cards!

Anyway, this is what I wore for event 2/3 (I wore this for 1/3 and I'll share 3/3 later!). I didn't actually mean to, but I match my branding colors! When I first started going on client meetings, I had the idea to incorporate my colors into my outfits. But this was entirely by accident. What can I say, I'm a branding pro.

I may have skipped out a little early to catch the Pretty Little Liars season premier. Can you blame me? Did you watch it?! Let's discuss!

meeting new people

romper: Plato's Closet (originally Forever 21) // flower crown: DIY // sandals: Steve Madden // bangle: Banana Republic
 This is the outfit I wore for my anniversary dinner with Dago. We went to Home Slice for some pizza, which is where we had our very first date (which was almost a year before we actually became a couple!). Then we headed over to Tiff's Treats for tiffwiches, which are the yummiest ice cream sandwiches made with freshly baked cookies. I got peanut butter chocolate chip and he got regular chocolate chip. Anyone thinking of moving to Austin should come try the food. You'll never leave, I swear. (Unless you're a crazy person like Lynette!)

Before we went out, we exchanged letters that we wrote to each other. Since we're both tight on money after moving, we're putting off actual gifts until later on. Both of us filled our letters with fun memories and inside jokes and wrote about how we make each other better people. It was so sweet and I appreciate it more than anything he could have bought at J.Crew. We're both writers, so putting our feelings into a letter was really special.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know that I finally found my dream romper the other day! I've been hitting up Plato's Closet every week hoping to find the perfect one for the perfect price. I think if I'd seen this in Forever 21, I don't know that I'd have thought to pick it up. I really thought I wanted a cotton, floral romper. And then I met this baby and had to bring her home with me. She couldn't possibly fit any better and she makes me feel so pretty. I can't wait to wear her to Blues on the Green and brunch and more date nights throughout the rest of the summer!

date night

Dago and I have been dating officially for two years today! 

From a healthy relationship advocate standpoint, this is by far the healthiest relationship I've ever been in or could image ever being in. We actually communicate openly, we trust each other immensely, we both support each others' wildest dreams and cheer each other on just to get through the week. 

From a happiness standpoint, I've never been in a better place in my life. I have a partner who thinks of the little things, who makes me laugh til my belly hurts, who enjoys life so much and wants me to be there as much as possible.

My favorite part of our relationship is how much we're able to do our own thing and still come together and be incredibly close and strong. I think a lot of couples struggle with time apart, with separate friends groups or activities, and with sharing the other aspects of their life with their partner. Dago has soccer where I have blogging. He's emotionally invested and loves to kick the ball around. In fact, I've never seen him happier than when he's out on the field. I love that I can go out with my friends all day and, when I come home, he's just coming home from spending the day with his friends. In past relationships, one of us was always sitting home waiting for the other. With Dago, we're both incredibly social and thrive on deepening our relationships with others, as well as with each other.

We both share a love for writing, for helping others, for punny jokes, for shopping, and for family. Dago is the smartest person I have ever known. We have this running joke where I accidentally treat him like Siri and ask random questions during car rides when he's trying to rock out. For instance, he was teasing that I asked things like "How do fish sleep?" and I immediately followed it up with "But do they dream when they sleep? Do they have nightmares? Oh, I wonder if they daydream. Do they daydream?" And Dago had an answer for everything. At dinner the other night I asked him all of these questions about germs and he just had the answers stored in his head. I don't think there's anything he doesn't know. (And if there is, he'll look it up before I can even finish the question and then he'll store the answer in his head forever and ever.)

Living together has been so much fun. At the end of day, after spending time doing our own things, we come home and talk about everything that happened and make plans for the next day and encourage success in each other. I know I can bring any dilemma to him and he'll help me work it out without taking the control to decide away from me. He doesn't ever get disappointed if I don't choose what he would have chosen because he knows we're different people. 

I've never felt so equal, yet so in awe of a person before. Everything he does is so cool and smart and funny, but I'm allowed to be cool and smart and funny too.

I can't wait to keep adding years to our anniversary, pumpkin. I love you!


Sources: 1 2 3 4
Having a bad hair day is the quickest way to kill my confidence. I've been having a bad hair month. Trying to grow my bangs out is getting ridiculous in a whole new way. I want my bangs to be the same length as my hair so badly. While I wait for them to grow, I'm stuck wearing the same hairstyle pretty much every day. I don't like my bare forehead, so I pull what's left of my bangs over to the side and pin it. Because they aren't long enough yet, the part that covers my forehead is either pulled too tight or has pieces falling out of the pins. Grow, hair, grow!

I'm hoping that once my bangs finish growing, I can get a cute cut that adds volume back into the roots of my hair. The bottom of my hair is so thick that it's hard to keep styled and the top of my hair has no shape. Having to tease it every day just isn't in my schedule, so I need a cut that gives me a little oomf without a lot of work.

Do any of you know anything about hair or haircuts? Any tips on not ripping my bangs out of my head or chopping it all off? Any solutions to flat hair?

hair she goes again

dress: Gap (similar) // cardigan: Banana Republic Outlet (similar) // flats: Old Navy (similar) // necklace: swapped
I was so excited to put this outfit on in the morning that I could hardly sleep the night before. Is that normal? I thought of it when I saw Shannon of GBO Fashion wearing this outfit last week. I love an outfit that uses colorblocking around a solid staple piece. To switch things up from hers, I went with my favorite little white dress and a yellow sweater.

I seriously felt like a walking swirl margarita or a bowl or pico de gallo in this outfit--in the best way possible! To celebrate my outfit success, I had Kerbey queso (for you non-Austinites, this is the best queso in Austin Texas the world) and a margarita. Celebrating pretty outfits is a normal thing, too, right?

Side note: I've decided that taking outfit photos at my apartment will be my tool for meeting all my new neighbors. As people walked by, minding their own business or maybe glancing up, I waved and ran over to introduce myself and explain why I'm taking pictures of myself. Two birds, one handshake?

the taste of summer

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

Since my grown up goal for June is to focus on my home, I decided to make my wishlist all about housewares instead of clothes. It's like accessories for my apartment!

For me, the keys to creating a really personal living space are interesting organizational tools, wall art that represents the inhabitants, and unique textiles. I was so excited to come across that photo hanger (8) because the piece itself doesn't take up much space and is really different from my many cork boards, plus it could hold all of the #cherishedmems I insist on keeping from apartment to apartment. As a History scholar, Dago really loves maps, so I try to incorporate them in different ways throughout our home. The map print (2) would be great over our bed, maybe in a gallery wall type arrangement with the Hang In There Baby  (5) print. In lieu of a coffee table, I've always wanted a big ottoman pouf for the living room. We can put a tray with drinks and snack on it or use it for extra seating or a foot rest. Or Contessa could sleep on it like a throne! Finally, what apartment is complete without that good ole waffle smell. that just me?

june wishlist

dress: Gap Outlet (2011) // blazer: Forever 21 // pearls: Nordy Rack // flats: Steve Madden
 I feel like a lot of women are on a constant search for the perfect striped dress. It's a great weekend piece, but also transitions into the perfect staple for a lunch meeting. When I found this dress, I knew I would get a lot of wear out of it, and I have! But I've fallen into a rut.

I style this dress with cream accessories every time I wear it. And then I look really, really washed out. Not the intended look.

So I turned to blue. You know, the complementary color to orange? Yeah, that one.

While I do really love this particular shade of blue with my dress, I don't think this is a winning outfit. The fabrics are so different that the blazer felt like an unnecessary layer (especially in 104* Texas...). It's hard to tell in these pictures, but the dress is a really heavy cotton and the blazer is really light and prefers to hang open. Meh. You'll be seeing this dress again as I try to remix it with pieces I already own. 

So what do you think? Does this work better than I thought? How would you style the dress?

PS. Check out my Summer Survival Kit guest post over on my girl Jenn's blog With Luck while she's away in El Salvador!
PPS. Sorry for the weird photos. My Camera+ app has been, well, crapp lately. Back to the inherent iPhone camera!


I sort of decided to forego a grown up goal for May since I did the grown up thing pretty publicly by talking about my struggles and taking a break, plus I posted my 24 b4 24 list. I've been really excited about my June grown up goal for a couple of months now, so with May done and gone, I'm diving into June head first.

As you know, I recently moved into a new apartment. After living alone in a studio apartment for three years I collected a lot of stuff. I wanted to fill my space. I wanted it to be all mine. I wanted to show off every interesting piece I ever found or gift I'd ever received. The majority of my stuff is decorative, rather than practical or serving a purpose. Some of it really aligns with my style, and some is more like pretty antique clutter.

During the month of June, I want to focus on my home. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to make my apartment into a place that not only I wanted to be in, but a place where I wanted to bring others to feel comfortable and inspired. I'm not saying I'm going to become the next great party hostess of my generation, but I'd love to be able to invite people over for grilled cheese and Pretty Little Liars instead of insisting that we hang out at restaurants and coffee shops all the time.

I want to have a desk space that inspires me, a welcoming living area, a frequently used kitchen, a table where Dago and I actually sit down to eat, and a bedroom that brings me all the peace and rejuvenation I need to get through the week. I want to use June as a starting off point to begin curating art, crafting, and creating a productive and comfortable place to call ours.

The first steps are definitely clearing things out. I need to pare down my stuff badly. I've already got a pile of things to take to Savers (good thrifting karma better be coming my way!) and a bag of clothes to sell at Plato's Closet.

Once I clear out what I don't want and can't use, it's time to find new (and new-to-me!) pieces to add to what we've got already. I love our furniture and the little bits of decor we have up already, so I want to bring in new items that fit in, rather than starting from scratch. I also want our place to be both of ours, so mixing aesthetics is a fun project.

Purchasing housewares feels very adult (especially for the kitchen, appliances, etc.), but buying them for a shared home is even more grown up. Taking into account another person's opinion about a living space and ensuring that we both feel represented is so important in building a grown up home.

What are your favorite parts of your home? What pieces make it personal and special to you?

Past Grown Up Goals can be found here:

grown up goals: june

I'm back in Austin! Back from the fest! As you can probably tell, I'm still super out of it. I had a lot of words for this post during the actual festival, but I left my laptop here in Austin and I didn't have any wifi to write a whole post on my phone. Excuses aside, let's get on with this recap!

// Day One //
dress: Urban Outfitters (really old, similar) // sandals: Steve Madden // headband: Claire's // bag: Buffalo Exchange
I didn't decide what to wear until the moment we left the apartment Saturday morning. I knew I wanted to wear this dress at some point during the weekend, but I wasn't sure that I would prefer a dress over shorts for the first day. I am so glad I went with this dress in the end. It was so effing hot. And not dry hot like it is for most music festivals. If you've never been to Houston, any explanation I give for the humidity will be an understatement. We were all absolutely drenched in sweat, bumper-to-bumper with other festival-goers, dancing our buns off. This dress was perfect because it didn't show sweat at all and was loose in the right places so that any breeze was able to work itself in.

// Day Two //
overalls and tank: Forever 21 // sandals: Steve Madden // headband: Claire's // bag: Buffalo Exchange
It rained in Houston until about noon on Sunday, so the outdoor festival was nice and muddy. I wasn't sure if it would rain again, so I opted for overalls instead of another light sundress. I expected the temperature to drop with the rain, and it did a little, but I was a little warmer around my midsection than I probably wanted to be. Anyway, it was a great outfit for jammin' in the crowd, chilling in the shade, and avoiding a sunburn.

// The Music //

Being a native Austinite, I've seen a lot of live music outdoors. Some music is for blanket sitting, others for light head-bobbing & toe-tapping, but most for busting mad moves. On Saturday I saw Alabama Shakes, a bit of 2 Chainz, Passion Pit, and The Postal Service.

// The frontwoman for Alabama Shakes was incredible. I wish I had been able to stand for this show, but the way the park is set up made it so that you had to go down this big hill, past a thousand people on blankets, to get to the level ground. So I chilled on a blanket with friends and listened to her phenomenal voice. 

// 2 Chainz was cray. I saw some people take hard drugs. Nothing else notable to share.

// Passion Pit was the greatest show I've ever seen. Every song was 110% high energy. I made it down to the level ground with one of my girlfriends and we danced hard to the Passion Pit jamz. Everyone around us was jumping and jamming and singing along. In the middle of the set, the lead singer had to take a puff of his inhaler and it was ridiculously precious.

// The Postal Service was a life-changing experience. I relived years of feelings as they opened with The District Sleeps Alone Tonight. I lost my shit during Sleeping In. Ben Gibbard and Jenny Lewis have been there for me, indirectly of course, time and again when I felt all alone in the world. Seeing them on stage together was freaking incredible. Ben has the cutest little dance moves and Jenny's hair and outfit (by the way, she looks EXACTLY like Tieka!) were spot on. The Houston humidity tried to do a number on her hair, but she somehow managed to look even better with the added volume and frizzy bits. The light show was so impeccably designed. I closed my eyes several times and just let the glow of the lights wash over my eyelids. Like a lady feeling the power of her higher power in church, I don't think I ever put my hand down.

The only show I really wanted to see on Sunday was Matt & Kim and their set was probably the most disappointing hour of my life. I won't go into it, but I will say that if you call your crowd by the wrong city and you play more songs that aren't yours than ones that are, people will be generally unimpressed with you. Sunday was otherwise really chill and we decided to sit in the shade and just listen to the bands around us. I heard Of Monsters and Men and The Men from afar, which was just fine for me. We ended the night dancing to Gogol Bordello, a "Gypsy punk band" with a mission to party. The show got a little crazy and Dago and I were really sore, so we snuck away early and  ventured back home.

Overall, we definitely got our money's worth. Dago saw Geto Boys, which I think was comparable to my experience with The Postal Service. Big festivals can be overwhelming, especially for me, but I was among great friends and that lovely boyfriend of mine.

Even though there were definitely moments of exasperation with humanity as some of the festival-goers were offensive, inebriated, and out-of-line, I was also met with extreme kindness and helpfulness. As I stumbled up and down the hills for each show, there were people reaching out their hands to guide me and keep me from tumbling down. I heard that the kindness was extended almost exclusively to women (men were made to fend for themselves on the steep, muddy hills), but I appreciate it nonetheless.

Oh, and after 23 years, I think I finally mastered putting on sunscreen! No splotchy (or any) sunburn for this girl! And I even got a little tan on my shoulders and face! That's what I call a successful weekend.

free press recap

i know you hate this photo, but you know it's my phone background favorite
you're the guy who makes me laugh harder than i ever knew i could,
appreciates the person i already am,
supports the person i want to be,
and stands by my side through it all.

you're the kind of guy who makes my dad proud,
my friends comfortable,
and gives my brother a fantastic role model.

you're the smartest person i've ever met
and you never stop learning.

you've introduced me to so many things,
like true emo music and the exciting world of soccer,
but i know you've just begun.

i love that we can just sit together and blog,
or online shop,
or make faces and not say anything at all.
but we can also have meaningful talks
about our childhood,
about marginalized populations,
about the nuances of episodes of mad men.

i love when we go to soccer games and yell at bad calls.

i love when you put your history degree to good use
by telling me bedtime stories about the french revolution and the cold war.

i love when you get worked up about work
because you're so passionate about helping people
and you just want to make things right.

i love when you leave links on my facebook
and then freak out if i forget to like it.

i love when we go to j.crew with no intention to buy anything,
and you leave with a bag and a new pair of sneaks.

i love waking up next to you every day now that we're living together.
building our home together has been such a wonderful experience.

your laughter is the soundtrack to every moment we're together
and i wouldn't have it any other way.

happy birthday, pumpkin.
27 is gonna be a good year.

happy birthday, dago

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